Sandra Bullock Is Happy Being A Single Mom

Sandra Bullock said she is happy being a single mom and does not need a relationship to make her life complete. The 49-year-old actress has been single since her 2010 split from ex-husband Jesse James. Following the painful divorce, Bullock focused on raising her 3-year-old son Louis.

In addition to being a mom, Bullock continues to have a successful career. Most recently, she was named Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainer of the Year and Actress of the Year at the Hollywood Film Festival. Bullock’s most recent film Gravity is expected to receive numerous Oscar nominations.

As reported by People, the talented actress said she has “plenty to do” without adding a relationship to the mix. She said she is perfectly happy with her current status:

“If [a relationship] should come along, great… But I feel like I’m not missing anything yet. Maybe one day I will. But my son is 3 years old, which is an amazing age. Four is an even better age.”

Although she is not interested in a romantic relationship, Sandra Bullock has a close friendship with Gravity co-star George Clooney. The friends recently exchanged banter about 3 am phone calls. Clooney said his co-star has a habit of calling him “every night at three in the morning drunk.”

Bullock responded by pointing out that she is “embarrassed for” Clooney as he does not have enough sense to recognize a “booty call.”

All joking aside, the actress insists she is not looking for a love connection. She simply wants to enjoy her time with her son.

The Oscar-winning actress spent her adolescence traveling between Germany and the US. She and her family eventually settled in the Washington DC area when she was in junior high.

After appearing in several Off-Broadway productions, Bullock made her TV debut with her appearance in Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman.

In 2008, she hit the big screen with Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man. Over the next five years, she appeared in numerous critically acclaimed films. In 2010, she received an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for her role in The Blind Side.

Sandra Bullock said she has a happy and fulfilling life. Indeed, she is doing a fantastic job balancing single-motherhood and a successful career.

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