Sandra Bullock ‘Gravity’ Distress Call: Watch The Video From The Other Side

If you saw Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, you may remember the scene in which the scientist thinks she has made contact with Earth.

As she drifts off, and seems to accept her fate, while floating in space in a Russian Soyutz capsule, Bullock’s character thinks she hears the much awaited response from the other side.

Dr. Stone, Sandra Bullock’s character, doesn’t realize she is talking to a man who does not speak English, but as she hears a small child crying and howling in the background, she comes to accept her fate.

Now, in a new short film, we see what was happening on the other side of that call.

Jonas Cuaron, the son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron, who co-wrote the script with his dad, scripted the short film titled, Aningaaq.

The short shows the character named Aningaaq, who intercepts Sandra Bullock’s desperate call for help as he himself is frantically trying to save his dying dog in the unforgiving elements.

According to EW, Warner Bros. is submitting Aningaaq for an Oscar in the Short Film category. If both films get nominations in their respective categories, it would mark the first time that happened in the same year.

The spin-off is sure to create as much buzz as Sandra Bullock’s Gravity did.

The actress has been praised for her performance as a first-time astronaut in Cuaron’s film. Many consider Bullock a strong Oscar contender in the Best Actress category.

Critics and moviegoers alike agreed that the film was one of the most spectacular space odysseys ever filmed.

Sandra Bullock has credited the film for reviving her career and making her an A-lister again, but it wasn’t always easy.

The actress has a young son and he was with her on set to keep her sane, she has confessed.

The film, who sees Sandra Bullock alone on screen most of the time, has surpassed the $500 million mark and it is on everyone’s list as a possible Best Picture winner at the Oscars.

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