Small Business Saturday Offers An Excuse To Explore

Small Business Saturday is the considered by some to be the cleansing day between the “Big Box Black Friday” and k”Circuit Cramming Cyber Monday”.

Since 2010 the first Saturday after Thanksgiving has been set aside to encourage shoppers to look away from the corporate chains and spend their gift money at owner-operated, small businesses.

According to USA Today, more than 9 out of 10 local shop owners give back to their community. These had working people support many charities in their cities and often volunteer to help out personally. This is one of the many reasons so many people support this annual event.

American Express started Small Business Saturday to help small business recoup losses during economic downturns. They also offer a list of local companies in various cities on their website.

This shopping holiday is not as well advertised as the others it falls near. It is, however, a great alternative for customers looking to support their community and for those who choose to protest Black Friday retailers.

Locally-minded spending is increasing in popularity as many people strive to find out more about the original source of the goods they purchase. This is mostly seen with the food industry. Local farmer’s markets offer fresh produce and food stuffs for consumers.

If this attention were extended to local merchants who are more likely to do the same, it could have a great impact on smaller communities with less government subsidy.

Naturally, there is a price difference. Smaller operations often do not purchase their stock in the same high volume as corporately-owned stores do. But the knowledge that your money is staying in your own state, more than makes up for the difference.

Explore your neighborhood and city directories to discover new and old shops you may never have seen. You may be surprised by the quality and service you experience and find a new favorite shop for your holiday needs.