Bride Loses Husband And Leg After Honeymoon Car Crash

A bride is recovering in hospital after she was in a horrific car crash on her way back from her honeymoon that killed her husband and left her with one leg amputated.

Tasha Bradford exchanged vows with 19-year-old Sylvester Storey on October 19, just nine days before the car crash. The Florida based couple were married in Panama City, before they then headed to the Tennessee mountains for their honeymoon.

The duo returned to Florida on October 27, but as they were driving through La Grange, Georgia, in the early hours of the morning they were involved in an accident on Interstate 85.

Sylvester was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision, while 31-year-old Bradford was airlifted to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. However doctors were forced to amputate her right leg, and they also took out a part of her damaged colon too.

Tasha’s sister-in-law, Tori Cooper, updated WMBB about Bradford’s condition, stating, “The day that we got there, she was swollen. She had a neck brace. She had tubes in her mouth. She couldn’t even speak.”

Bradford has since started to make a miraculous recovery, and she has even remained tremendously upbeat despite the tragedy.

The widow has stated that she is blessed, and she has now explained that a dream she had in intensive care featured her dead husband who spoke to her at the scene of the crash that killed him.

She continued, “He said, ‘I can’t stay, but I just want to tell you goodbye, and I love you.’ God has a greater plan than I’ll ever know. I know with time and healing, he’ll send someone my way who will love me for me.”

It’s still not exactly known what happened that lead to the car crash. Tasha was having a sleep in the backseat of the car when the incident occurred, and she admitted that the last words her new husband said to her were, “I love you.”

After the collision, Tasha woke up inside the car and immediately recognised that her leg was severely injured. She was then assisted out from the vehicle by several good samaritans. Tasha only found out that her husband had died when she arrived at the hospital.

Mrs Storey recalled, “I knew God had his side because he was such a good, Christian man. I had no doubt where he was going to go.”

A GoFundMe page has since been set up to try and raise funds for Tasha’s medical expenses, as well as to try and help pay for Sylvester’s funeral. It has so far managed to raise over $18,000.

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