Doria Tillier Gives Naked Weather Forecast After Losing World Cup Bet

Doria Tillier gave French television viewers quite a show, following through on a promise to deliver a weather report in the nude after her nation won its way into the soccer World Cup.

Tillier is a weather girl for Canal+, a television network in France. After the French team, Les Blues, lost a qualifying match 2-0 to the Urkaine, she vowed that if her team somehow qualified for the World Cup she would undress for a weather report.

It seemed like a safe bet. No European team had ever overcome a two-goal deficit in the playoff before, so it was unlikely that Doria Tillier would have to give viewers a glimpse of herself in the nude.

But then the unlikely happened. The French team returned to Paris for the home leg of the series, winning 3-0 and earning a place in Brazil next year.

As France went up 2-0, Maria Tillier began to realize the implications, tweeting: “F***. 2-0 to France. I’m starting to get stressed…”

But Doria Tillier is a woman of her word. She showed up to the town of Poil and stripped naked to deliver the forecast, though it might not have been what viewers expected.

Instead of seeing Doria standing in front of a camera, they instead watched as she ran, fully nude, through a field as she shouted out the details of the weather forecast.

The stunt was a ratings boon for Canal+, which saw millions of viewers tune in for the naked weather forecast. Not all viewers were happy with the turnout, however.

“It was a pathetic stunt – not funny at all,” said Canal+ viewer Remy Jacob. “Everyone was hoping Doria would be a good sport, but it was all nonsense.”

There is no word on whether Doria Tillier will make a naked bet for the 2014 World Cup. France comes into the tournament with a roster full of the best English Premier League players, including Mamadou Sakho of Liverpool and Patrice Evra of Manchester United.

Video of Doria Tillier giving her naked weather forecast can be seen here.