GoldieBlox Needs Your Help Changing The Definition Of Toys For Girls

GoldieBlox may be a toy that’s all about building, but at the same time, the folks behind the learning toy-and-book series are also looking to topple the typical notion of girls’ toys and prove there’s more to being a girl than being a princess in the Pink Regime.

To do that, GoldieBlox needs your help.

Recognizing the dearth of women interested in STEM fields (according to TIME, only 10 percent of engineers are female), GoldieBlox seeks to get them started early, encouraging girls to expand their horizons beyond the sea of puffery found at the toy store. GoldieBlox believes that “there are a million girls out there who are engineers; they just might not know it yet.”

“I went to the toy store to get a lay of the land, and that’s when I encountered the pink aisle. And I realized there was this huge opportunity to present girls with something beyond the princesses and that would challenge their minds and expose them to engineering and building, to hopefully instill a passion for it at a young age,” said Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox founder and creator, via MSNBC.

As one of four finalists in the Small Business Big Game promotion from Intuit, GoldieBlox is competing against three other companies for a professionally produced commercial and air time during the 2014 Super Bowl. It’s an honest-to-goodness overnight game changer in the small-business world, and Debbie Sterling and Team GoldieBlox want you to help them get there. After all, in this competition, you are the judge.

“I wake up every morning, so excited to tackle the next challenge of the day, all in the name of inspiring more girls and women to explore engineering,” the GoldieBlox visionary said on her page at Engineer Girl. “There have been (and continue to be) many obstacles along the way, but it is incredibly fulfilling to work on something I am so passionate about.”

Head on over to the GoldieBlox Web site or check out GoldieBlox on Facebook to learn more about this unique toy for tomorrow’s future female engineers. Watch the GoldieBlox founder in her TED Talk. In 2012, thousands of people saw the worth in Sterling’s mission, crowdfunding GoldieBlox in only four days on Kickstarter.

The companies that make up GoldieBlox’s competition in Small Business Big Game are all noble ventures, but GoldieBlox is more than an idea, it’s a mission. A vote for GoldieBlox is a vote for the future. A vote for GoldieBlox is a vote for the next Marie Curie. A vote for GoldieBlox, if you’ll pardon the 90s pop reference, is a vote for Girl Power!

There are only 11 days left to show your support for GoldieBlox, so go vote for GoldieBlox and vote to empower the gifted girls, challenging chicks, and wise women of tomorrow.