Scott Nusbaum: Blackface Halloween Costume Called Racist

Scott Nusbaum’s blackface costume for Halloween has the Ohio judge apologizing.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another Judge’s sentence was questioned after he stated an Iraq vet was a “threat to society“.

The usage of blackface in a Travyon Martin Halloween costume had many claiming the makeup needs to be permanently retired. Other famous people managed to get in trouble for using blackface in an allegedly racist manner. Scott Nusbaum’s blackface costume was apparently “inspired” by the idea that he and his wife chose for a Halloween theme, Gone With The Wind. Mrs. Nusbaum dressed as Scarlett O’Gara and Scott Nusbaum dressed as her black servant.

Scott Nusbaum was quick to offer apology after the fact and met with NAACP local chapter president Olie Burton for some good PR. Mr. Burton left the meeting stating he was “satisfied” with Scott Nusbaum’s apology. Judge Nusbaum reiterated he had not meant the costume as a reflection of hostility towards African Americans, but had rather simply suffered a lapse in…wait for it…judgment:

“Although it was stupid, I certainly didn’t do it maliciously, I was born in this community and I’m sorry I let my community down.”

Mr. Burton also issued a statement agreeing that, while the choice of the Ohio judge’s blackface costume was in poor taste, all is forgiven since Scott Nusbaum has never shown racial bias in the court room. A local public defender has also stated he believes Ms. Nusbaum to be a good, impartial judge and the recent poor choice shouldn’t be seen as a reflection of his ability to judge.

The Ohio judge has every reason to quickly apologize, given the fact he could face disciplinary action by the Ohio Supreme Court board for unethical conduct. According to the court’s rules, a judge is required to “promote confidence in the judiciary” and that can be undermined by conduct that “creates the appearance of impropriety”.

Do you think Scott Nusbaum’s blackface costume an honest mistake, willful ignorance, or is everyone overreacting with cries of racism in the usual politically correct manner?

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