Houston Shooting Turns House Party Into Nightmare [Video]

Saturday a Houston shooting abruptly ended a large house party after at least one gunman killed two and injured at least 22 others. Party attendees say the gathering had not been rowdy and that people were dancing when the gunshots began. At least 100 people were at the house party in the Houston-area suburb of Cypress.

Details about the shooter or shooters are few at this time. As USA Today reports, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office is seeking two suspects as of Sunday morning. Authorities have also confirmed that two have died, a man and a woman. At least 22 others were injuried, most aged between 17 and 20. Officials say several people are in serious condition. Others had more minor injuries, some of which were made in the panic.

Authorities say the Houston shooting incident began at around 11 pm Saturday night. Houston Chronicle spoke with one party-goer, 17-year-old Shaniqua Brown, who described the birthday party as “not rowdy at all.” She recalls running outside and seeing one gunman while fleeing.

Dozens of other young people spilled into the suburban streets as gunfire broke out. In their panic to escape the house, party-goers left a garage door dented and bent as they forced it open. The two-story home had some of its second-floor windows broken as some jumped to flee. The carnage was obvious in the pools of blood spilled outside the brick home. As a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office described the incident, “It was a pretty chaotic scene.”

Another Houston shooting witness says the first gunshots confused him and fellow party-goers. “It sounded like a balloon popping,” he says. The music was turned down and then the gunshots resumed, as the realization spread terror among the birthday celebrators. The shooting continued for three to five minutes with around a dozen shots fired, the witness told Houston Chronicle. As people spilled into the streets outside the house, many ran to neighbors’ homes, seeking refuge.

The motives of the gunmen involved in Saturday’s Houston house party shooting are not clear, police say.

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