‘Dead Rising 3’ Trailer Reveals ‘The Story’ [Video]

The new Dead Rising 3 trailer has arrived, and unveils “The Story” behind this third round of zombie games.

For those familiar with the zombie game franchise, there has rarely been a heavy story element to the phenomenon. The outbreak begins, a band of people discovers the populace around them surprisingly gone, and then some neighbors show up wanting to eat them alive. From then on, carnage usually ensues.

On occasion, a zombie game will surprise us and be more than just a monster basher. Dead Island took on the concept of role playing and realism, with the idea of simply getting off the island alive. The Last of Us focused on the story of a man escorting a girl to safety.

Dead Rising, on the other hand, had started out with the concept of a journalistic photographer out to get action shots in a zombie outbreak. Aside from the camera, not much has changed.

The latest Dead Rising 3 trailer shows us that the story of Dead Rising 3 is your typical zombie tale, though with a decidedly more brutal edge. It starts with a guy happening upon the ruins of an abandoned building full of dead people, and after putting a few clues together, he discovers that not all of them stayed dead.

'Dead Rising 3' trailer teems with the undead
‘Dead Rising 3’ trailer teems with the undead

Apparently it’s been three days since the outbreak, and what Nick Ramos has discovered underground is only the tip of the iceberg. The city has been overrun with the undead.

As Nick Ramos attempts to get away and finds safety with a group of survivors, he discovers he’s been bitten and needs to find a cure before he becomes one of the legion of walking dead. On top of this, he has to find a way out of Los Perdidos before the military handles the situation their way.

While not entirely original, the story revealed in the new Dead Rising 3 trailer promises to be exciting.

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