2010 NFL Draft one year later: Washington Redskins

I have got to say that the first draft of the Mike Shanahan era of the Washington Redskins was a total and complete disaster. A year ago I was not sold on what this team did in the draft, and as the 2010 season played out I was simply proven right. Even if we count Donovan McNabb as this tam’s second round pick they would still get a failing grade because of the unsure way in which he operated teh Redskin offense. Simply put this is the first bad draft class of 2010.

A quick look at the 2010 Redskins draft class:

  • Round One- OT Trent Williams
  • Round Four- LB Perry Riley
  • Round Six- FB Dennis Morris
  • Round Seven- WR Terrence Austin
  • Round Seven- C Erik Cook
  • Round Seven- OT Selvish Capers

So Trent Williams stepped in and started from day one and did a good job, of all these picks he is clearly among the best. I think one day he will be a stud, and hold down the Redskin O Line. In fact the Redskins got more production out of the undrafted free agents they signed then the picks they made. That is a recipe for disaster, and we saw that disaster play out over the course of the 2010 season.

Even with counting McNabb as their second round pick and Jeremy Jarmon as their third round pick this is a failing raft class. Bad teams cannot afford to waste picks or trade them away for veterans who have spotty records. The trades did not work, and the draft picks did not produce much.

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