Tiny Seattle House Built Out Of Spite, Neighbors Claim [Video]

A very tiny house in Seattle was built out of spite according to neighbors of the home. The Montlake home is just 830-square feet and since on the corner of 24th Avenue East and East Boston. The home is literally known as the Montlake Spite House.

The Spite House, which is currently on the market, was built in 1925. The original owner, realizing his pie-shaped property needed special accommodations, built a pie-shaped house. The back of the home is just 4.5 feet wide and the front of the home is a whopping 15 feet.

According to one story, a husband and wife were going through a divorce settlement when the judge awarded the husband the house and the wife the front yard. Out of spite the wife built the home on top of her front yard. However, a story published several years ago by The Stranger tells a very different point of view. In that story a next-door neighbor, who wanted to buy the pie-shaped corner lot, made a low-ball offer to the property owner. Not happy with the home buyers offer the property owner built the Montlake Spite House. The buyer eventually moved away from the home.

The spite house has become such a popular local legend that it has actually ended up in history books for the area.

While the Montlake Spite House is not the only home to be built out of spite in the United States, it probably is one of the only 850 square foot pie-shaped homes being listed for a whopping $397,500.

The real estate listing for the home says it is the “perfect condo alternative…in one of Seattle’s best neighborhoods.”.

The spite house last sold in 2000 for a slightly more modest price of $239,500. For a Seattle property that isn’t bad but 850 square feet isn’t much space and the shape might make the owner constantly hungry.

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