'Sons Of Anarchy' Recoil: The Haunting Episode That Was 'Los Fantasmas'

With a week's worth of time to recuperate after Tara's self-induced "miscarriage," Sons of Anarchy fans were chilled by the latest installment, entitled "Los Fantasmas."

Tara is in the middle of a chilling transformation. The allegedly-pregnant New Queen is looking more and more like the Old Queen, Gemma herself, with each passing episode. She's been planning a divorce from Jax since her release from jail in Sons of Anarchy season 6, episode 2. Add to that the duplicitous way she is handling Jax and their sons and there are significantly fewer fans on Team Tara.

Then there's last week's episode of Sons of Anarchy, in which Tara brings her plan to a head. With a restraining order just waiting to be signed, she baits Gemma in the hospital cafeteria and flees to her old office, knowing full well Grandma will be charging after her. Behind closed doors, she fakes an attack and rams her own abdomen into the edge of the table, complete with a bag of drawn blood to simulate a miscarriage. Now, Tara might be a lot of things, manipulative chief among them lately, but no one who watches Sons of Anarchy would ever believe she'd be capable of harming her own unborn child.

And she didn't.

The good doctor implicitly says it herself when asked by Unser. Gemma knows the explanation she gives Sheriff Roosevelt will sound crazy, but she's spot on when she tells him she thinks Tara was never pregnant. Much in the way of her husband ever since he put on the President patch, Tara is undergoing her own Machiavellian metamorphosis on Sons of Anarchy. As Katey Sagal tells us herself, Tara has crossed a "very serious line" with Gemma. It's all to protect her sons, but isn't there some way other than betraying Jax? Because according to him, "Grandma is dead," so which Sons of Anarchy character will be his compass when Tara splits?

Speaking of Jax, he and the rest of the Sons of Anarchy MC see what's left of their tattered good names torn asunder by a leaked report that they were tied to the gun used in the school shooting. Granted, it's true, but no one actually knows that, so it's just a ploy to ruin their rep in Charming. In the meantime, Nero is still inside and Jax has to try to keep the Byz-Lats cool with all the extra heat. Not so easy when the father of one of the shooting victims reads the paper and runs down one of Nero's crew. It's total... well, anarchy for the Sons.

And what's that Nero? You want to cop to the gun yourself and take the fall? Well DA Patterson ain't having it. She wants the MC so you're free to go, sir.

What will happen next? The only way to find out is to keep watching Sons of Anarchy.

What did you think of this episode of Sons of Anarchy? What will happen to the Sons of Anarchy MC next? Did you know that Sons of Anarchy star Maggie Siff is actually pregnant, unlike her lying character, Tara?