Maggie Siff Pregnant, How Will That Affect ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 6 And 7?

With Maggie Siff pregnant, how will that affect the story line of Sons Of Anarchy since she’s one of the characters?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one of the Sons Of Anarchy actors was cast in 50 Shades Of Grey as Christian Grey.

Maggie Siff’s baby will be her first child with husband. She made the announcement by changing the biography on her Twitter page to read “future mom.” (Yep, yet another celebrity pregnancy announced via social media.)

But while Sons Of Anarchy fans are probably happy to see Maggie Siff pregnant they’re probably wondering what this will mean for their beloved TV show. At least it shouldn’t change anything in Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 according to Maggie Siff:

“I’m past the nausea so I’m feeling a lot better, a lot more energetic. We just finished shooting the season, which is good.”

In Sons of Anarchy season 6 Maggie Siff plays the role of Tara, who has recently been trying to get her child back from Jax. Tara even faked a pregnancy in order to manipulate other characters and free her child from a life of corruption. Since filming is already done Maggie Siff’s real life pregnancy should have no affect on season 6.

As of now there’s no sign of a Maggie Siff baby bump. But filming for Sons of Anarchy season 7 comes begins in May of 2014. Since that time frame would be when Maggie Siff is noticeably pregnant the writers for Sons Of Anarchy are faced with a dilemma. It’s possible they could choose to have Tara become pregnant as part of the story or the writers could simply keep Tara out of the limelight until Maggie Siff gives birth and is ready to return from maternity leave.

Regardless of these issues, series creator Kurt Sutter says Sons Of Anarchy season 7 might be the last for the show:

“There’s so many factors that determine whether a show continues or not. I came up with the initial awareness that if this show was being done in sort of the same production model that The Shield was in – and I knew that The Shield had about seven seasons…. I knew by the end of this season I’d have a sense of whether or not I’d be able to do that, and I still think I can…. I think after seven seasons I don’t know if we can maintain the rhythm and the pace that we’ve done, and I wouldn’t want to extend it and have it become something that it’s not. So my plan is still to finish it out in seven.”

With Maggie Siff pregnant, do you think the Sons Of Anarchy writers should make Tara pregnant as well?

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