Sony Rewards US PS3 Games To Players With New System

Sony Rewards PS3 games and other prizes to US gamers

Sony is rewarding PS3 games and other prizes to fans who participate in their latest promotion.

No, the rewards aren’t free. You’ll still have to pay for stuff, but Sony is giving prizes away to gamers in the US who buy their products. Most food companies do the same thing, so it’s really nothing new. You buy their products, you get points off of those purchases, and you get freebies after earning a certain number of points.

If only Microsoft‘s Gamerscore worked the same way, more gamers might be convinced to give the Xbox One a shot. Don’t bet on it though. Microsoft has always been strict and often stubborn even in their deals.

The new Sony Rewards include PS3 games, accessories, game consoles, and even Sony TVs, so you have more reason than ever to buy all of the Sony merchandise you can. Cleverly, this promotion is starting just over two weeks before the release of the PlayStation 4, so you will get some hefty reward points just for buying the next gen console.

The exact costs in Reward Points have not been revealed yet, but you can expect accessories and perhaps console and controller skins and such for lower prices than a PS4 or a big screen Sony TV. It’s still better than having to sign up for a paid account for discounts like Xbox Live makes you do.

Sure, Xbox Live Gold only costs around $60 if you go with the yearly plan, but it’s still costing you something even if there’s nothing you want for that year.

Sony is offering 100 points for simply signing up, and a bonus of five times the value on your first PSN purchase. You might want to consider getting the PlayStation 4 for your first purchase, perhaps bundled with all of the extras, and see what kinds of things you can get for free after that.

Sony’s Rewards for PS3 games and several other prizes have arrived just in time to add an incentive to get your PlayStation 4 on its release date just over a couple of weeks from now.