Xbox One Internet Could Be A Problem With Limited Data Plans

Xbox One’s internet could prove to be a drain if your primary data plan is limited. If your signal is the high speed cable variety, you might not have any problems, as cable rarely puts a data cap on your use, dangling additional use in front of you for just a few dollars more.

Some gamers don’t live in big cities, and don’t want to, unlike the suggestion given by ex-Microsoft creative director Adam Orth. He lives (or lived, we aren’t sure what happened) in Seattle, one of the bigger cities and one notorious for having some of the better internet service. When gamers complained about the Xbox One’s dependence on an “always on” internet connection, he told them to just move to a big city where it isn’t a problem.

Thankfully Microsoft has abandoned the Xbox One internet dependency for the time being, though it’s obvious that to get the most out of your console, you will need a high-speed internet connection just for the console itself. In a video previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are a lot of aspects of the Xbox One dashboard which will depend on having a good connection.

Streaming movies, Skype video calls, TV, and multiplayer games will all require some hefty bandwidth to function at their greatest potential, or you might end up taking forever just to do some of the simplest things.

For those who can’t get cable internet, the Xbox One could easily use up their data plan limits. The best wireless internet services include Verizon and AT&T WiFi, both of which offer limited data on their 4G LTE plans.

However, AT&T only gives you one option, after which you most likely end up paying through the nose for more data if it isn’t just slowed down considerably. Verizon offers more options to save money at higher limits, but that way you’re still possibly going to pay upwards of two or three hundred just to avoid pushing your limit using the Xbox One internet. With each game likely going into sizes of over 10GB apiece, you’ll see your data limit getting pushed a lot, especially in multiplayer.

Generally speaking, your internet connection type may regulate how much you use your Xbox One online. Cable users on the most part won’t see much of a problem. WiFi hotspot users will most likely find their internet bill rivaling their car insurance or electric bill rather quickly.

Your use of the Xbox One internet could easily be determined by how limited your data plan is.

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