PS4 Digital Game Sharing Broken Down

PS4 digital games are going to be a big deal, as the summer’s internet riots have shown. When Microsoft tried to introduce DRM controls with used games, Sony quietly listened to the gamers and adapted their own version. Ever since, Sony has had the upper hand in the next gen console war as gamers abandoned the Xbox One and headed for what could be greener pastures.

The final verdict won’t be known until we actually get our hands on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but until then, speculation points to Sony’s console being the clear winner. Even the hardware has been said to be more powerful on the PS4, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

PS4 digital games will work about the same way they will on the Xbox One, allowing you to play them after they’ve downloaded far enough, without having to wait until you’ve downloaded the whole game. This seems to be the new norm if gamers don’t just go with the old fashioned method of buying the disc or discs and having a physical copy they can simply lend to friends in a simple gesture.

Sony poked fun at Microsoft when they showed us their version of hard copy lending, but Microsoft is not deterred, saying that their original idea will become the norm eventually. Good luck with that.

PS4 digital game sharing starts with the personal profile of the PSN user. The profile you create will be tied to a primary console, most likely the one you created it on. The games downloaded to that console will be able to be accessed by anyone using the console. The user account won’t be limited to just that console, though, as Sony will allow the profile to be used on one additional console.

However, other users on the secondary console won’t be able to access the games tied to the extra account, requiring PSN multiplayer and another copy of the game just to play with friends.

So how will you be able to transfer primary consoles in case you end up having to replace it? You will need to manually remove your profile in order to put it on a new primary console. On that note, it’s good that Sony’s consoles don’t suffer from the “red ring of death” like that one console we all know.

Your primary console will be the one that allows PS Vita remote play and all of the benefits tied to the original account, so if you wanted to bring your fully functioning games to your friend’s place you might need to bring the console with you, or deregister your console temporarily. It’s unknown if there will be consequences to doing that repeatedly.

These are the basics behind the PS4 digital game sharing procedures. Do they alter your perception of the console?

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