Giraffe Picture A Virus Due To The Facebook Giraffe Riddle Game?

Could your giraffe picture contain a virus due to the Facebook giraffe riddle game?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, if you don’t mind spoilers and want to know the solution, you can find the Facebook giraffe riddle answer here.

The basis of the game is that if you don’t provide the correct giraffe riddle answer then you have to put up a giraffe picture as a meme of your Facebook profile photo. But some people have started rumors that a giraffe picture could contain a virus or that the hacker group Anonymous came up with the whole thing. Worse, websites like International Business Times are reporting these giraffe picture rumors as being true.

So let’s do a quick fact check. First of all, the giraffe riddle game doesn’t provide its own giraffe picture. You have to search online and find your own. This giraffe picture is likely to be in the JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. While it’s true the JPEG format once could hold viruses all of those security vulnerabilities were patched almost 10 years ago.

But that’s not to say there’s no danger at all. Virus makes aren’t stupid nor are they afraid to exploit a trend by creating a giraffe riddle virus. Newer Facebook posts about the giraffe riddle meme could contain external links leading to websites which serve up malware and viruses to your desktop or smartphone (yes, there are nasty Android and iPhone viruses out there). So watch out for any versions of the giraffe riddle meme that recommend websites for a giraffe picture.

It’s also possible someone could set up a website explaining the giraffe riddle answer just so they can infect your device with a virus. The good news is that a quick survey of the top websites you find when searching for “giraffe picture” or “giraffe riddle answer” appear to be completely normal.

At the end of the day, your giraffe picture is harmless but you should still be careful about what you click on when searching for photos and the giraffe riddle answer.

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