Tesla Model S Avoids Full Federal Investigation, Despite Battery Fire Viral Video

A U.S. auto safety agency has decided not to investigate the Tesla Model S crash from earlier this month, saying that it had not led to the discovery of any safety flaws.

Earlier this month, video of a Tesla Model S on the street in flames went viral, causing a drop in the company’s stock and numerous critics to denounce the eco-friendly electric car. Officials at the time said that the fire began in the car’s battery section, and that it may have been caused by a piece of metal shrapnel that the vehicle’s operator ran over.

Amid new fears that Tesla Motors Inc. electric vehicles may be unsafe to drive, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it will not be investigating the incident, and that the company’s products fall well-within the required safety standards.

After reviewing all available data, the NHTSA has not found evidence at this time that would indicate the recent battery fire involving a Tesla Model S was the result of a vehicle safety defect or noncompliance with federal safety standards,” the agency said in a statement.

A Tesla spokeswoman did not immediately respond to CNN Money‘s request for comment.

The Seattle-area crash and battery pack fire have furrowed many a brow online, and Tesla Motors Inc. stock hasn’t recovered since. Shares are down about 10 percent since the early-October incident.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to his blog recently to defend the Model S fire. He described the incident in detail, and concluded that there should be “absolutely zero doubt that it is safer to power a car with a battery than a large tank of highly flammable liquid.”

Check out the Tesla Model S fire video below:

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