Foursquare 3.0 has even more nifty features, deals

Foursquare’s blog has a new post about updates to the worldwide location-based check-in game with Foursquare 3.0, leading off with some upgrades for businesses, but then getting down into what we all really want from Foursquare- specials.

Aside from social butterfly cool-points, Foursquare’s biggest draw most certainly is perks for users. (A Carrabba’s habit borne largely from intense kitchen laziness, for instance, meant I got dessert on the house at every visit because I was the mayor.) Foursquare 3.0 is awash in these consumer-friendly add-ons, describing a wealth of them in the update.

First off is Flash Specials, like a doorbuster on Black Friday. Flash Specials reward the early birds checking in, and running during a limited period but carrying some heavy discounts, like a $20 gift card at Sports Authority to the first person to check in. Friends Specials are available when you check in with companions, with perks like 24% off any item at H&M or a free cookie at Whole Foods when you check in with friends.

Swarm Specials are tied to several Foursquare users at a location, like the one for Applebee’s where if there are five checked in users at an Applebee’s after 9pm, everyone gets a free order of mozzarella sticks. And then there are Newbie Specials, to entice people to check-in for the first time at a certain location. Radio Shack is offering a 20% off deal for Foursquare Newbies on “participating” items.

Has Foursquare earned you significant perks or details at places you regularly visit? Has it lured you to try a new place due to an available special?

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