Chinese woman killed by runaway shopping cart

Runaway Shopping Cart Kills Woman In China [Video]

Shanghai, China — A routine trip to buy groceries turned deadly for a Chinese senior.

The woman was killed when a runaway shopping cart barreled into her in a supermarket. The horrific crash was captured on surveillance video.

The 66-year-old shopper pushing her own cart had just stepped off a ramp escalator when the runway cart which was rapidly rolling down the same escalator smashed into her from behind. The International Business Times explains that “The cart strikes the woman with such force that it throws her into a wall about 20 feet away.” She was transported to a local hospital in Shanghai where she tragically died from her injuries.

You can see from the security camera footage the understandably stunned reactions of the other shoppers when the woman is struck and thrown by the runaway cart, which occurred on Friday.

The runaway cart allegedly was packed with 15 cases of unspecified beverages. Two men in the 60s along with a female friend, reportedly lost control of the cart in question with deadly consequences. Apparently they were using their own personal shopping cart rather than one supplied by the store “despite warnings from supermarket staff.” Store-provided carts evidently come equipped with anti-slip controls unlike the one the trio were using. The two men are “under restriction” which apparently means some sort of arrest.

The response to this horrible freak incident on social media was mixed according to the Global Times. “Web users say that the supermarket is partly responsible for ‘allowing trolley carts without anti-slip mechanisms to be used at the store,’ while others hoped the tragedy would serve as a cautionary tale for workers and customers, many of whom ‘dangerously use just one hand when tugging the trolleys.'”

Have you ever heard of anybody bringing their own shopping cart to a supermarket before?

Presumably the escalator ramp at this store will be shut down on a permanent basis to avoid any future injuries of this nature.