Baby In Runaway Shopping Cart Saved By Hero Cop [Video]

Spooner, WI — A police officer on routine patrol saved a baby in a runaway shopping cart that was heading into busy traffic.

Officer Adam Brunclik spotted the baby in a bright yellow jacket in the shopping cart as it was fast approaching oncoming traffic.

Apparently the mom was putting her other child in the car when when the cart with her son rolled accidentally down the driveway of the Dollar General store and into traffic on Highway 70. The incident was captured on the squad car’s dash-cam.

Officer Brunclik described what happened for WQOW News 18:

” ‘My immediate reaction was he was traveling fast and so I knew there wasn’t an option to stop the cart, but I had to do something to try to stop traffic because it was headed directly towards a busy highway so I just activated my emergency lights and drove the squad on the highway in hopes of trying to stop traffic, it was my only option at that point …’

“[Officer Brunclik] quickly ran after the cart, and grabbed the little boy, who amazingly, was uninjured.

The officer, who received a commendation from the Spooner police department, was modest about his actions in saving the baby boy’s life:

“I believe I did the same thing any citizen or police officer would do when they saw a child in need of help. I just reacted I guess like any citizen, I just had the aid of emergency lights and was in the right place.”

The incident happened on Sunday morning, November 11, but the video has evidently just been released. Brunclik is a part-time officer with three years of service.

If you’re still out and about Christmas shopping with your kids, this incident (see video below) is a reminder to be careful out there.

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