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Sharon Stone: Is She Or Isn’t She Dating Younger Millionaire Hotel Mogul?

Sharon Stone is at the center of rumors swirling this week about whether the 55-year-old Basic Instinct star is dating the much younger 46-year-old millionaire Hamptons hotelier Michael Wudyka.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, some of the rumors suggested that Wudyka and Stone had started dating in April. Despite Stone being nine years older, the two seemed to have a lot in common.

Hotel millionaire Wudyka is a single father of two, while Stone herself has three adopted sons ranging in age from six to 13.

Now, we all live down here on planet earth, and we all know that millionaires don’t normally get serious about fiftysomething mothers with minor children still in the nest. However, Sharon Stone’s previous eight month relationship with 27-year-old Argentine model Martin Mica suggested that she does hold at least some appeal for younger men.

And nine years isn’t quite as ridiculous an age gap as 27 years.

But if we’re honest, there were a lot of rumors that the brief Stone/Mica relationship was a publicity stunt or pretty rocky or both.

The talk seemed to start when Stone and Wudyka attended a Creative Coalition event in Washington, D.C. to promote government funding for the arts.

Even though she attended the recent Cannes Film Festival on her own, the Stone/Wudyka rumors got noisy enough that a Sharon Stone rep told E! reporter Narcus Mulick on Wednesday that the couple is not an item:

“They are not dating. They are dear friends who work together on the Creative Coalition. And not at all dating.”

Apparently, we’re all still in high school, and if a man and a woman appear in public together, they’re assumed to be dating until their reps issue a denial.

What do you think about the Sharon Stone dating rumors? Or were you just surprised to find out Sharon Stone was still around?

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