Sharon Stone’s New Boyfriend Is A Millionaire Hotel Mogul

Sharon Stone has a new boyfriend, and it’s Hampton’s hotelier Michael Wudyka. The hotelier is the owner of the East Hampton Studio and Enclave Inn in Bridgehampton.

According to reports, Stone and Wudyka, who is nine years her junior, have been dating for the last month or two.

Sharon Stone’s new boyfriend didn’t appear at Cannes Film Festival with Stone because the couple’s schedules didn’t match up. That lack of appearance left everyone guessing about the status of their relationship for a short period of time.

Michael Wudyka is a single dad of two and now apparently the boyfriend for the 55-year-old Sharon Stone. The couple already have something in common as Sharon also has three kids — three adopted sons — 13-year-old Roan; Laird, 8, and Quinn, 6.

Sharon is no stranger to dating younger men. It wasn’t too long ago that she called it quits with Argentinean model Martin Mica, 27. That relationship fizzled in January after an eight-month courtship.

Apparently, Sharon Stone’s relationship with Mica didn’t come down to an issue of age. A source recently revealed:

“It wasn’t so much the age difference. They didn’t share the same interests. Her passions are philanthropy, politics, activism – he wasn’t into any of that.”

Her new boyfriend is said to be a “down to earth” business owner and a loving father.

Sharon Stone is believed to have started dating Michael Wudyka in April. That was the first time the couple were spotted together while attending the Creative Coalition banquet in Washington D.C.

The relationship is only a few months old, but Sharon Stone seems to already share more with her 40s something businessman then we ever imagine she did with a 27 year old male model.