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Lindsay Lohan And Mom Dina’s Long Island Mansion Allegedly In Foreclosure

Lindsay Lohan and her mother were allegedly handed foreclosure documents for their Long Island mansion on Thursday. A Chase Bank process server reportedly delivered the court papers for the $1.3 million estate. Both Lindsay, 26, and Dina, 50, were supposedly named in the foreclosure notice.

The Chase Bank process server told the New York Post that the delivery was in relation to a mortgage issue involving the actress and her family. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay supposedly moved back into her old bedroom at the family’s Long Island mansion recently. Dina allegedly wanted her daughter out of Los Angeles and living where she could be at least somewhat supervised.

The Lohan process server tacked the court documents to the front gate of the star’s childhood home. The Canyons star is allegedly broke and was unable to continue making payments on her Beverly Hills rental home.

A Lindsay Lohan source had this to say when speaking with Radar Online:

“In the past, Lindsay has managed to rope in another person to co-sign on leases because her bad credit means she can’t get approved in her name alone. However, she couldn’t find anyone willing to do that now as she has burned so many of her friends and associates.”

Dina Lohan has also allegedly suffered fiscal woes in recent years. She is supposedly more than $1 million in the red. In both 2012 and 2005 she was allegedly on the brink of foreclosure. Last year Lindsay and Dina reportedly had a falling out over a $40,000 loan the daughter gave to the mother to prevent the Long Island mansion from being repossessed.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will wind up homeless if the Long Island mansion foreclosure rumors are accurate?

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