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Angelina Jolie Relying On Kids To Cheer Her Up After Brad Pitt Split — Divorce Details Revealed

Angelina Jolie couldn’t be happier with the support she’s received from her six children, who have all helped their mother stay in a positive mood as she prepares to finalize her divorce to Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce back in September, with reports claiming at the time that the actress had the intentions of also obtaining full custody of the children, having given the impression that Brad was an unfit parent.

It was later revealed in an interview with GQ that Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband had been dealing with an addiction to alcohol for as long as he could remember — the only difference this time around was that his battle with liquor had gotten worse as the years went by.

Eventually, Angelina Jolie decided to pull the plug on her relationship with the actor, citing that she no longer felt like the environment was safe for her and her the children.

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But now that Brad Pitt is no longer with Jolie, getting used to the fact that there’s no longer a male figure in the house has been something that took some time to get used to, Hollywood Life shares.

Angelina Jolie has always been surrounded by strong male figures, so once she left Brad, it was a completely different atmosphere in her household. The quieter and lonely feel she experienced in the first couple of months after filing for divorce were said to have been the most difficult time for the 41-year-old.

But as time has gone on, Angelina is slowly but surely adjusting to her new lifestyle without Brad. Sources say that her children have been a huge support system for the Hollywood star, particularly Maddox, who has more or less become the man of the house.

“Angie has been leaning heavily on the kids since the split, and they’ve been a real rock for her,” the insider dishes. “The kids are her pride and joy, her reason for life, they are her crowning achievement and they are fiercely protective and supportive of her—especially Maddox, 15.”

“He’s really stepped up as the man of the house—Madd is Angie’s cheerleader and chief protector, and he rallies the troops whenever she’s feeling down or blue. The bond between Madd and Angie is amazing, so strong and unbreakable…he would literally do anything for his mom.”

News of Angelina Jolie being supported by her children in the midst of finalizing her divorce comes just weeks after the actress made a hefty purchase on a brand new home in Los Feliz, California, which is said to be less than two miles from Brad’s house.

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Her choice in being so close to Pitt comes mainly because of the fact that she wants her children to continue having a relationship with their father, and though the duo is no longer a couple, if they are going to share custody of their kids, they need to be able to co-parent together.

“Everyone in the family is happy that Angelina has decided to buy a place a mile away from Brad’s house. Angelina chose her new home because it is close to Brad’s, the only home her children know. Angie’s new place is in the same ritzy Los Angeles neighborhood about a mile and a half away from Brad, in Los Feliz, where the kids have grown up.”

It seems rather unlikely that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going to reconcile in the near future, because from what sources have gathered, Angelina just wants to be on better terms with her soon-to-be ex-husband as she moves on with her life.

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