Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Allegedly On Good Terms Amid Custody, Divorce Battle

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are slowly but surely putting their differences aside, realizing that the most important thing to focus their attention on during this difficult time is their family.

As previously reported, Angelina filed divorce papers in September before alluding to the idea that Brad Pitt had been dealing with alcohol and substance abuse, as revealed by TMZ, which allegedly caused their marriage to fall apart.

On top of that, allegations regarding Brad Pitt’s bad parenting skills were made — a claim which the actor strongly believed came from Jolie’s camp, with the supposed intentions of making Brad look bad to increase Angie’s chances in receiving full custody of their six children once their court case was in full effect.

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Gearing up for their nasty custody battle has not been easy, as sources reveal how the court drama could potentially cost the former couple more than $10 million. Brad Pitt is determined to fight for join custody while Angelina wants to carry full guardianship of their kids.

In December, a report via Life & Style claimed that the Salt actress allegedly refused to let Brad Pitt see their children for Christmas, a move which a judge had overruled, but it was clear at this given point that things were still rocky between Jolie and Brad.

According to Hollywood Life, it’s unclear what has suddenly made Angelina take a new approach to her forthcoming custody battle, but she’s much more open to the idea of allowing the children to spend time with Brad Pitt.

Even in her recent interviews, the 41-year-old has stressed that she most certainly wants Brad Pitt to parent their children — a comment which left fans puzzled considering previous reports having claimed that Angie was anything but willing to let Brad spend time with the kids.

“Brad is ecstatic and relieved that he and his kids are finally getting along well again. Time has healed wounds,” a source tells the outlet, making it known that Brad Pitt has been on great terms with his children in recent weeks.

The divorce drama between the actor and his soon-to-be ex-wife most certainly had an effect on their family, and since Brad was notably absent from his children’s lives, even they began to question Pitt’s absence, which Jolie allegedly had a hard time explaining.

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“After much therapy from everyone involved, Brad and all of the children, especially the older boys, are learning to enjoy each other again. The boys had to do some forgiving and Brad did a lot of apologizing for them all to get to a healthier place. They are all spending more time together and things are beginning to get back to normal.”

Despite the supposed fact that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly in a much better space than they were five months ago, it’s noted that the twosome will not be getting back together.

One of the things that Brad Pitt wants more than anything is to make sure that once all is said and done regarding the custody and divorce drama, he wants to maintain a solid friendship with the mother of his kids.

“Despite everything, Angelina, too, is happy and relieved the family is healing after the rocky split,” the insider concluded.

It’s unclear when Angelina and Brad Pitt will be finalizing their divorce, nor have they received a specific court date regarding their ongoing custody battle, but if things are gradually improving between the two, there’s a chance that Angie will settle with the idea of sharing custody with Pitt, as opposed to making the attempt to win full guardianship.

What do you make of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie working on being better parents for the sake of their children?

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