Angelina Jolie: Friends Begging To End Brad Pitt Divorce Feud, She Refuses

Angelina Jolie is unwilling to give up her nasty feud with Brad Pitt, with reports claiming that the actress is still hoping to receive full custody of their six children once their court case begins.

Angelina, who filed for divorce back in September, allegedly used her PR team to make shocking accusations against Pitt, recalling a time the A-list actor got into a physical altercation with their son Maddox as they boarded a private jet. According to Angelina Jolie, the incident was so intense, she had no other choice but to file the divorce papers.

Of course, since then, Brad has strongly denied being an abusive father to his children, describing Angelina’s claims are bogus and hurtful.

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Since then, Angelina Jolie is alleged to have arranged a smear campaign against her soon-to-be ex-husband, portraying him as an unfit parent that shouldn’t have the right to obtain any sort of custody of their kids, having supposedly proven to be anything but a devoted father.

And while Brad has continued to deny Angelina Jolie’s claims, the Salt actress has stuck to her story, hoping that when the custody battle reaches its court hearing, the mother-of-six will walk away having won the exposition, which will evidently allow her to decide when Brad sees the kids or not.

As the months have gone by, however, it’s become apparent to fans that Angelina’s intentions to refuse Pitt the chance of being granted joint custody have a much deeper meaning behind them, convinced that there’s more to the reason she filed for divorce than what’s been revealed so far.

In any case, Angelina Jolie’s friends have reportedly urged her to stop engaging in an ongoing war with the man she once described as the love of her life, telling the Hollywood star that she shouldn’t forget the fact she still shares six children with Pitt.

The supposed fact that she had already tried to prevent Brad from seeing the children over the Christmas holidays, as previously reported by The Sun, has made it seem as if the actress is planning on shutting out the 53-year-old out of the lives of their kids entirely.

According to Hollywood Life, close pals have urged Angelina Jolie to take a step back. While the marriage has come to an end, sources say that Brad Pitt is the last person who would want to provoke an argument over how things have transpired in recent months.

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The 12 Years A Slave star is devastated but is keeping his head held high, hoping for the best regarding the forthcoming court case. It doesn’t go without saying, however, that Angelina Jolie’s friends desperately want her to find it in herself to forgive and spend more time working on co-parenting their handful of children.

“It’s incredibly sad. It’s crazy, it’s like all that incredible love and passion has done a complete 180 and turned overnight into anger and hatred,” the source gushed.

“Angelina Jolie’s friends are urging her to let her grievances go, but she can’t — it’s eating her up and she wants her pound of flesh, no matter what the cost may be.”

As the source already mentions, Angelina Jolie isn’t willing to give up just yet. Her main priority is winning the custody case, convinced that the children are better off growing up in her home than with their father, who’s been portrayed as a former alcoholic and substance abuser.

What do you make of this ongoing battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Do you think she’s overreacting about the whole thing and step back from the idea of getting sole custody of their kids?

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