Is Prince William And Kate Middleton's Marriage In Trouble? Royal Couple Reportedly Undergoing Couples Therapy

Is Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Marriage In Trouble? Royal Couple Reportedly Undergoing Couples Therapy

New reports allege that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage is in need of serious help, as the royal couple continues to deal with the fallout from William’s controversial ski trip from earlier this year.

Reports of Prince William being “in the doghouse” with his wife began to emerge in March after the prince had returned home from a ski trip with his male friends, Vanity Fair wrote in March. During that trip, William was notably filmed having a good time and partying with his friends, but the footage was notorious mainly for two things — William’s “dad dancing” just hours before other royals were due to attend Commonwealth Day service and what looked like the prince flirting with a “mystery woman.”

Vanity Fair added that William’s decision to skip Commonwealth Day service was especially controversial, as his grandmother Queen Elizabeth respects the date as “one of the most important in the royal calendar.”

The Vanity Fair report, as well as others that came out around that time, mostly didn’t hint at any cracks in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage, though they did suggest that William may be in trouble after apparently being caught in such an embarrassing situation. Now, a new report from Radar Online hints that Kate hasn’t quite gotten over the now-two-month-old debacle and that William has agreed to couples therapy in an attempt to salvage the marriage.

According to the publication, Kate’s reaction to her husband’s supposed partying may have been worse than she had let on in public.

“Of course it was all downplayed, but Kate was horrified and since then Wills has been nothing short of a slave trying to make amends,” said Radar Online’s unnamed insider.

“All these publicity stunts and interviews are total deflections from the truth; Kate’s really struggling to forgive him.”

The new report comes slightly more than a month after Radar Online made a similar claim about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage troubles. In April, the publication wrote that Kate had placed William on a “short leash” since he returned home from what she had thought was a boys-only skiing vacation. As mentioned above, video footage suggests it wasn’t just the men who were partying at the Verbier ski resort in Switzerland.

According to Vanity Fair’s report, Prince William and his friends were seen being friendly and drinking with two women in particular – Australian model Sophie Taylor and British “former beautician” Rosie Peate. Sources close to the publication suggested at the time that the prince’s group were joined by the women in multiple bars, with William allegedly high-fiving Taylor at one point.

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The ski trip incident also raised a completely different controversy apart from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s potential marriage troubles – the prince’s lack of visibility at royal engagements. According to Vanity Fair’s count as of mid-March 2017, William had only been present for 13 days of engagements, while Queen Elizabeth, despite suffering through ill health, completed 24.

Still, it’s not like the allegations against Prince William suggest that he had, in the truest and most blatant sense, cheated on his wife. According to Hollywood Gossip, William “stopped short of sleeping” with someone else while on vacation in March, but he had nonetheless upset and embarrassed Kate when reports of his supposed antics had leaked. And with Kate’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton, set to be married on Saturday, the publication believes that Pippa’s wedding may be the “culmination” of William’s “public apology tour,” as he tries to make amends for what many see as a PR disaster for him and his wife.

What are your thoughts on the state of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage? Do you think counseling is indeed necessary for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or do you think Kate should forgive William for “sowing his wild oats” once and for all?

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