April The Giraffe Updates: Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam To Get New Enrichment Item, More Yard Time Today

April The Giraffe Updates: Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam To Get New Enrichment Item, More Yard Time Today

Another day and another new set of April the Giraffe updates has come and gone, and April has yet to give birth. But as Animal Adventure Park has told giraffe cam viewers, it’s all a matter of patience as the popular giraffe continues to show all the key signs that labor is imminent.

Last night’s April the Giraffe update saw Animal Adventure Park’s famous giraffe carrying a “great demeanor” as owner Jordan Patch and other park employees cleaned her barn. With her belly big, her udders full, and discharge light, April appears to be in good shape, and as of last night, she was looking forward to more yard time outside.

Meanwhile, Animal Adventure Park has also been getting ready for the inevitable moment when April the Giraffe gives birth. The park’s text alerts have been going through a series of tests, and yesterday morning, AAP sent test Labor Alert texts, with the messages arriving in all subscriber inboxes in “less than 17 minutes.” The park described this as a “major accomplishment” due to the sheer number of users subscribed to the service, and as April has yet to enter active labor, it’s safe to say that more and more users may be signing up to the text alert site, which costs a one-time fee of $4.99 for interested subscribers.

This morning’s April the Giraffe update from the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page came courtesy of zoologist Allysa Swilley, who has just returned to the site after coming down with a cold. According to the new update, there hasn’t been anything new for April as compared to how she was in yesterday’s evening update, but Animal Adventure Park nonetheless published a photo of April’s mammary development in the comments section.

For today, the agenda appears to include more yard time, with temperatures safe enough for the giraffes to spend some time outside, and the rain having subsided. And while AAP did not venture into any specifics, the park announced that a new enrichment item would be added to April’s stall later today, “courtesy of an April fan.” As they’re not saying, it may be best for viewers to check out Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam today to see just what that item is.

Speaking of the giraffe cam, Animal Adventure Park made an important announcement for those hoping to watch as April the Giraffe gives birth.

“Giraffe Cam will stay live through the labor and birth. We will not turn off unless instructed so by the vet team. If she is facing the ‘wrong way’ – don’t worry we have many other cameras capturing the process and will provide content soon after birth.”

For April the Giraffe text alert subscribers, Animal Adventure Park cautioned that users might not get another alert until the actual Labor Alert goes live.

With the world still waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth, one may be curious as to how they can tell active labor has started. In an interview with WUSA earlier this week, Animal Adventure Park’s Jordan Patch said that the clearest sign would be if an actual hoof was poking out of April’s rear-end. As they are, by nature, wild animals that try to protect themselves from predators, giraffes tend to hide their labor in an attempt to protect their calves from getting attacked upon birth. There’s also the presence of a “slow trickle of liquid or a flow of mucus” to signify a giraffe’s water breaking.

Keep on joining us for the latest April the Giraffe updates and be sure to be paying close attention to Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam. As the park itself said in its recent updates, it’ll all be worth the long wait and frequent watching once April the Giraffe finally gives birth.

[Featured Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]