Man in Bigfoot costume. Not the Sasquatch seen in Idaho

Bigfoot Blamed For Idaho Crash — The Internet Says It Could Be Hillary Clinton

Bigfoot is alive! At least, that’s according to a woman in Idaho who blamed Sasquatch for her car crash.

According to Fox News, the woman was driving along U.S. Highway 95 and struck a deer. But she had an excuse for the accident. She said that she had been distracted by the sight of Bigfoot in her rear-view mirror. Yes, you read that right. She told County Sheriff officials that she saw Bigfoot and it scared her so much that she hit the deer. According to her, when she checked her mirrors to make sure she’d seen what she thought, the deer came out of nowhere, and she crashed into it.

Fox News reports that the authorities recorded the incident as a vehicle deer collision but did not find any evidence of Idaho’s Bigfoot.

As you can imagine, there were lots of people on social media who were skeptical about the woman’s report.

But then there were the others who decided to turn it into a joke about Hillary Clinton. Some “clever” social media users used the Idaho woman’s Bigfoot sighting to poke fun at Clinton who was spotted hiking in the woods shortly after losing the 2016 presidential election.

Those jokes aside, this isn’t the first time that Bigfoot has been “spotted” in recent months either. In October of last year, USA Today reported on a Sasquatch sighting as well. On that occasion, the mystery two legged giant was sighted and recorded on video in the Michigan woods. The video was captured on Carbon TV’s Eagle Cam. Carbon TV is a media company focused on recording outdoor wildlife activity.

The camera was set up to record the activity in an eagle’s nest, but they got more than they bargained for when the camera seemed to capture a shadowy giant walking across the forest floor. According to USA Today, a viewer noticed the Sasquatch-looking figure and sent the clip to a Bigfoot sightings website. After that, it went viral.

“From what we can see, what anybody can see with their plain eye, it’s up to interpretation,” said CarbonTV executive Daniel Seliger told USA Today. “It’s definitely grounds for speculation as a legitimate sighting. But who knows?”

Of course, it could have just been a man’s silhouette, but that’s boring.

The Bigfoot legend has been a big part of American folklore for many years. But the myth isn’t just prevalent here, there are also believers in these half-ape half-creatures all over the world. It’s also commonly referred to as the Yeti, as Today I Found Out notes.

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Have you ever seen the hairy giant? Tell us about your sighting in the comments below.


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