‘Killing Bigfoot’ Hunters Aim To Slaughter One Despite Pleas From Folks In Town?

The Killing Bigfoot show goes further than any of the other venues on reality TV today because they are actually insinuating there are Bigfoot creatures out there to kill. A group called Gulf Coast Research Organization (GCBRO) tromps around the wilderness in some of the most desolate areas found in the southeastern area of the nation. They are locked and loaded and ready to bag themselves a Bigfoot, as they want this elusive entity dead.

There is also a show called Finding Bigfoot, which follows a foursome made up of believers and skeptics, who are also invested in finding Bigfoot. The mission for the believers is to find Bigfoot and capture evidence of the beast. The skeptics are there to prove them wrong, which is unlike the newer show, Killing Bigfoot, where they all seem to know the creatures are out there and they want a hairy beast on a slab.

Killing Bigfoot is beyond Finding Bigfoot when it comes to their mindset on the existence of this beast. The GCBRO group has no doubt that the oversize ape-like entity does exist and they are not alone in their thinking. There is a group of people, which is led by a former member of the GCBRO group, who is fighting them on their quest to shoot and kill a Bigfoot. After watching one episode of this show, you may ask yourself what you missed in the headlines, like when did someone prove that there are creatures like this that really do exist?

On one recent Killing Bigfoot episode, a town hall-like meeting took place and it enticed quite the crowd. The irate crowd was protesting the GCBRO group’s quest of bagging a Bigfoot. People at this meeting were actually angry when they got up to speak about the thought of a Bigfoot being killed. Again, they all act as if there is no doubt of the beast’s existence. This is a bit confusing because nothing science-based has deemed Bigfoot real. Many believed the beast was still like the Loch Nest Monster and the Moth Man, which are all myth-like creatures.

According to The Clarion Ledger, Don McDonald, who has been with the GCBRO group for over 10 years, said that the group is more interested in keeping the public safe from these creatures rather than attempting to sway the public’s opinion on their existence. He also said how they get a great amount of resistance from the “no-kill” side of the public and how many of them would like to see them “shoot each other” rather than a Bigfoot.

“One woman spoke with the Killing Bigfoot production crew and looked straight into the camera to say that Bigfoot sightings are very prevalent in their area. As Dread Central suggests, “In order to kill a Bigfoot, one must first find a Bigfoot; and if they haven’t found him in six seasons of an actual show called Finding Bigfoot, something tells me the Dale Gribble Arlen Gun Club of Cryptozoology is never going to get a chance to fill him full of lead.”

Finding Bigfoot also holds these town hall-like meetings, but they are there to hear the tales of people’s encounters with the beasts. This gives the Finding Bigfoot group a starting location to look for the elusive huge hairy animals. It is not like the other show where people are irate and begging the men not to kill a Bigfoot. The Finding Bigfoot group is a welcomed bunch at the meetings they attend because they are just looking for Bigfoot, without any plans of shooting one.

So, you have the GCBRO group and all these locals truly believing the woods are harboring families of these hairy beasts. Somehow, somewhere, the question of Bigfoot existing fell by the wayside. For the purpose of this show, it seems like it is taken as the gospel truth that King Kong’s relatives are living within some the nation’s rural neighborhoods.

During the show, the GCBRO receives calls from people who are having a problem with these creatures. They are either banging on the outside walls of their homes, killing their livestock or mangling their pets. The GCBRO has a two pronged mission when it comes to going out on these calls. Their main mission is to be there to help the terrorized family rid the beasts from their property and to do that they are going to shoot to kill.

The other prong of the mission is to supply an authentic Bigfoot corpse to the world of science. No matter how much proof in pictures and video tapes are presented to science, there is still no such thing as a Bigfoot. No matter how much evidence in footprint molds, hair and feces of the elusive beast are scientifically examined, there is still no such thing as one of these beasts.

Until a dead body of a Bigfoot is presented to science for an autopsy and study, officially there is no such thing as a Bigfoot. This is one of the main reasons this group of GCBRO investigators and hunters go after the Bigfoot. They aim to finally offer up the proof so science and the rest of the world will acknowledge that Bigfoot does exist.

While the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation (B.F.R.O.) from the Finding Bigfoot show diligently hunt for the Bigfoot around the nation, the Killing Bigfoot investigators and sharp shooters aren’t trying to find the beasts’ location, they seem to know where they already are. The GCBRO group hasn’t bagged one yet, but the reason given for this is that the Bigfoot is an intelligent creature that makes sure to keep its distance from humans who are there to hunt them down.

The beasts apparently do not fear humans as they reportedly taunt people in their homes, but according to the Killing Bigfoot show, that changes if humans are carrying guns. The Bigfoot howls and makes a knocking noise against trees, which is heard very clearly in both shows on a regular basis. This is a sign they are lurking nearby.

Both shows have shown tapes recording something thought to be a Bigfoot, but they are too far away and a bit blurry to get excited over. What the two shows do have in common is how the Bigfoot and all its relatives have gotten away from their teams week after week. While the Bigfoot has tripped the cameras of the Finding Bigfoot crew and shots were fired at the beast by the Killing Bigfoot clan, there’s still no real-life Bigfoot to see up close either dead or alive.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of people who actually believe without a doubt that these beasts exist. From the teams looking for Bigfoot to the the everyday people showing up at these meetings, there are plenty of believers.

Killing Bigfoot is on the Destination America channel at 9 p.m. EST on Saturday. Finding Bigfoot is seen on the Animal Planet channel on Sunday at 7 p.m. EST. Both channels show reruns of the shows periodically throughout the week and both are available On Demand from Xfinity.

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