Bigfoot Sightings: Cameras In Utah And Michigan Appear To Have Caught The Creature On Film, Is It Real? [Video]

Patricia Ramirez - Author

Sep. 17 2016, Updated 11:16 p.m. ET

‘Tis the season for ghosts and goblins and beasties; could that explain the recent rash of North America Bigfoot sightings? In the last week, cameras in Utah and Michigan have seemingly caught Bigfoot, a potentially mythical creature of cryptozoological legend, in motion. People around the world have claimed to have had Bigfoot sightings (or sightings of his cousins, Yeti and Sasquatch, among others) for virtually as long as there have been people.

Could Bigfoot be real? Could these recent Bigfoot sightings be proof? Check out the footage and you be the judge.

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The first of the recent reported Bigfoot sightings caught on camera comes out of Provo, Utah. In that instance, KSL News reports that the Bigfoot was seen near the Provo Airport. The area surrounding the airport is flat and marshy and on the banks of Utah Lake. The alleged Bigfoot sighting took place in a local cornfield.

In the video, which was reportedly recorded this September, an awestruck little girl playing with an iPad believes she sees Bigfoot and records the giant hominid on video. Her mother, Jane Everett, who posted the video to YouTube, now claims to be a believer in Bigfoot. Not only that, she’s pretty sure the creature is haunting local Utah cornfields.

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While suburban Utah might not seem to be a hotbed for Bigfoot sightings, the recent Provo Airport Bigfoot sighting is just one of many recent sightings.

Incredibly, many of the notable recent Utah Bigfoot sightings have been captured on video and shared on social media. Earlier this year, folks recreating in Utah’s Payson Canyon claimed to have caught video of a Bigfoot.

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In 2012, another of Utah’s infamous Bigfoot sightings took place. That was when citizens hanging out in Provo Canyon (just up the river from the most recent Utah Bigfoot sighting caught on camera) captured what they believed to be a Bigfoot on film.

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The truth of the matter is that, in the United States, most Bigfoot sightings take place in the Pacific Northwest, which is rugged, heavily rural and forested. Even though Utah is often seen as a population and commerce hub of the West, much of the state is rugged, unsettled terrain. There are plenty of places for Bigfoot to hide, even relatively close to populated areas and airports.

The second of this week’s Bigfoot sightings took place in Michigan. As WRKR reports, the Michigan sighting was captured on an “eagle cam” in one of the state’s many wooded areas. Reportedly, the Michigan sighting was recorded in the spring but only uploaded to social media recently.

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It is unclear what the eagle cam, which is supposed to be focused on fledgling eagles, captured on camera. However, whatever it is, it definitely looks similar to the rumored Bigfoot that inhabit the area.

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Like Utah, Michigan has had multiple recent Bigfoot sightings. Some of which have been captured on camera. In addition to the Bigfoot eagle cam video above, another recent shot of a suspected Bigfoot was snapped in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this week. As far as Bigfoot sightings go, reports Chron, this one is getting a lot of attention.

However, like all cryptozoological sightings, a lot of attention doesn’t always mean that the cameraman has debunked a long-standing myth. In the case of the Michigan Upper Peninsula Bigfoot photo, a lot of folks are saying that the picture doesn’t show a massive ape or hominid at all. Rather, the Bigfoot “experts” seem to think that all the camera captured was a bear.

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This week’s Michigan Bigfoot sightings are far from the only ones ever recorded in the state. Among the many other videos of Bigfoot to be captured in Michigan in recent years is this 2014 video that apparently shows a Bigfoot captured on a trailcam in the midst of the Northern Michigan woods.

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Like literally all other Bigfoot video ever recorded, the 2014 Michigan sighting is compelling, but it falls short of providing proof that an unknown mythological creature is inhabiting the forest.

What do you think? Is Bigfoot real? Could more cameras and a rash of recent Bigfoot sightings mean that humanity is that much closer to finding incontrovertible proof of the creature’s existence?

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