Bigfoot Captured On Film Taking A Shower? Video Shows Unidentified Creature Walking Beneath A Waterfall

A video currently making the rounds on the internet has prompted the question of whether or not an elusive bigfoot monster, a Sasquatch, was captured on film as it walked beneath a waterfall in Indonesia.

The Daily Star reported this week that what some are saying is a bigfoot creature, the legendary hirsute beast supposedly indigenous to the American Pacific Northwest, was picked up in footage believed to have been shot in Indonesia. While some are saying it is nothing more than a poorly shot video of someone wading across the water with a pail in their hand, conspiracy theorists and bigfoot hunters are saying it could actually be proof of bigfoot’s existence.

The video clip, a version of which was posted by YouTube user Bigfoot TV, only lasts for a few seconds, the videographer was taking in the view of some verdant jungle when the camera centered on an area with a waterfall. A dark figure emerges from the left and, looking as if it were treading on water, moves to the right with something flashing in a swinging motion as it goes. The figure appears to then pass beneath a waterfall.

Viewer Alex Caminiti wrote, “Bigfoot is just blurry — and that’s extra scary to me.”

While it is unclear if Caminiti was being serious or facetious, the majority of commenters on this particular YouTube video said that it was a fake.

Viewer Clayton Whiddett mocked, “if you look really carefully you can see Elvis just behind him”.

The Mirror pointed out that bigfoot sightings, including the hoaxes, were usually a North American phenomenon, noting that many of the sightings were attributed to bears walking upright. But, the paper added, Indonesia is not home to large species of bears.

Still, even if bigfoot is primarily a North American oddity, the creature has its international cousins, like the Yeti in southern Asia. Regardless, the legendary beast seems to be getting around the globe and was recently filmed in the United Kingdom.

Concept of bigfoot and UFO
There is a contingent among bigfoot believers that suggest there is a connection between UFOs and the elusive bigfoot. [Image by Redemption/Thinkstock/Getty Images]

As the Inquisitr reported in September, Jason Parsons, a known bigfoot hunter, was following up on what he described as telltale signs of a bigfoot, filming a woodland trek on a Welsh mountain where the signs were previously spotted. It wasn’t until he got home and was perusing the video footage he had taken that he noticed at one point in the film the image of a shadowy figure a little further into the forest.

Parsons believes it is the first instance of a bigfoot being filmed in the United Kingdom.

A little further south on the European continent, another bigfoot sighting supposedly took place in a desert in Portugal. According to the Inquisitr, that video clip showed a sandy-haired bigfoot slouching its way down a road before disappearing behind a bush. That video was also labeled a fake, with one commenter pointing out that there were no deserts in Portugal.

As the Daily Star reported, there are many given to the idea that the latest bigfoot video is a fake, or at least people mistaking the shadowy form of a human being for that of a legendary bigfoot. One commenter stated, “It’s just a plastic bucket with a PERSON attached to it.”

The assessment was echoed by another viewer, who wrote, “Perhaps it’s a very skinny tall person carrying a plastic bucket to the river.”

bigfoot and ghost creature crossing signs
Bigfoot and ghosts, as depicted here in crossing signs, have become part of pop culture and are featured on many reality/documentary television series. [Image by Jeff Morin/Shutterstock]

The bigfoot legend, that there are shaggy, human-like creatures that exist in the forests of America, is believed to have originated with Native Americans centuries ago. In more recent years, the legend has become part of the conspiracy theory/paranormal range of interests and has prompted the creation of a number of documentary shows, not least of which is the popular Animal Planet network’s “Finding Bigfoot.”

[Featured Image by Best Green Screen/Shutterstock]