Lisa Marie custody battle still not settled.

Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex Denied Alimony While Kids Remain In Priscilla’s Care

Lisa Marie Presley scored a minor victory in court on Wednesday when a judge denied Michael Lockwood’s request for spousal support. Presley will have to foot the bill for Lockwood’s legal fees, an estimated $50,000. The judge will allow Lisa Marie to make monthly payments to Michael’s attorneys of $10,000 per month, according to People. Presley’s lawyer took it one step further and suggested that it was time for Lisa Marie’s soon-to-be-ex to consider getting a job.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the divorce between Presley and Lockwood took an ugly turn last week when court papers filed by Lisa Marie revealed that their twin 8-year-old daughters were taken into protective custody following the discovery of disturbing images on Michael Lockwood’s computer.

While Elvis Presley fans became concerned that his only daughter’s children had landed in foster care, Lisa Marie’s mother Priscilla Presley revealed that the girls were in her custody through a post on Facebook.

Priscilla later went on to thank fans of the Presley family for their positive support sharing a picture of Lisa Marie’s girls hugging and laughing.

According to Daily Mail, Michael Lockwood spent some supervised visitation with his and Lisa Marie’s daughters at the beach earlier this week. Though the twins are living with Priscilla, she too is subject to regular monitoring of the Department of Children’s and Family Services. Lisa Marie is also permitted to have visitation with the girls as long as it is supervised by a court monitor.

Lisa Marie and Michael Lockwood are scheduled to appear in court in March to determine whether or not either will be able to take custody of the girls. Presley stated in court papers that she had been living with various friends and her mother since getting out of rehab last fall and that she was currently residing with her oldest daughter, actress Riley Keough, as she tries to pull herself out of debt.

Lisa Marie stated that she only receives $100,000 per month from the trust fund set up for her from Elvis’ estate as well as a minimal payment each month from Graceland which Presley uses to pay for her and her daughters’ health insurance.

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood divorce continues to be ugly.
Lisa Marie Presley won’t have to pay spousal support to Michael Lockwood but the couple’s custody battle rages on. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Lisa Marie’s marriage to Michael Lockwood lasted for 10 years, longer than any of her previous three marriages. Presley was also married at one point to pop singer Michael Jackson as well as actor Nicholas Cage. Though Lisa Marie had no children from those two marriages, she did have children with her first husband Danny Keough. Those kids are now adults.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley welcomed their one and only daughter Lisa Marie just nine months after marrying in 1968. The couple divorced when Lisa Marie was only five and she went to live with her mother. Elvis Presley passed away in 1977 when Lisa Marie was only 9-years-old.

According to Huffington Post, despite her own musical career and high profiles marriages, Presley told talk show host Oprah Winfrey she didn’t like being in the spotlight.

“I’ve never been comfortable being front and center, honestly,” Lisa Marie stated. “Don’t like attention on me.” In fact, Presley said that was part of the draw of marrying Michael Jackson. She found the singer’s success attractive because it took some of the attention aware from her.

Lisa Marie’s verified Twitter and Facebook accounts seem to agree with that sentiment as, in a world that thrives on social media updates, Presley hasn’t been active or two to three years.

One of Lisa Marie’s final Twitter posts included a picture of Presley joyfully standing with her mother Priscilla, Lockwood, and their two daughters as if they were one big happy family at a candlelight vigil in remembrance of Elvis.

Hopefully, despite the animosity between Lisa Marie and Michael, their custody issues will soon get sorted out before they head back to court in April to work on more of the divorce proceedings.

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