Elvis Presley’s Grandkids In Protective Custody As Lisa Marie’s Ex Investigated

Elvis Presley’s 8-year-old twin granddaughters have been taken into protective custody by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services as Lisa Marie Presley’s divorce took an interesting turn. Authorities reportedly found photos and videos on the computer of Presley’s estranged husband, Michael Lockwood, that were so disturbing social workers removed the kids from both he and Lisa Marie’s care.

According to the Daily Mail, Lisa Marie is the one to have discovered alleged child pornography. Presley said she was “shocked and horrified” and sick to her stomach upon discovering the images. Court paperwork also indicates pending allegations of sexual abuse and neglect. Presley stated that authorities seized more than 80 electronics from the home in their investigation into the matter.

This is the fourth marriage for Lisa Marie, the only child of deceased rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presley. Lisa Marie married Michael Lockwood in 2006 but filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences last year.

Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presley, reported discovering child pornography on her husband’s computer to authorities. [Image by AP Images]

Along with the current child pornography allegations, Presley claims that Lockwood used her for her fortune and that she is nearly bankrupt from his misappropriation of funds. Lisa Marie claims that she has had to hire two nannies to be present with the girls when they visit their father and Presley’s soon-to-be-ex is trying to squeeze spousal support out of her on top of everything.

Lisa Marie Presley reportedly receives $100,000 per month from a trust set up through Elvis’ estate. She also receives $4,300 per month as an employee of Graceland, money that, according to Lisa Marie, she uses to pay for health insurance for herself and her twin daughters. Although Presley’s net worth has at times been estimated to be as high as $300 million, her post-nuptial agreement with Lockwood stated Lisa Marie was only worth $60 million. Presley’s ex-husband says that Lisa Marie’s failure to disclose the true amount should make the agreement null and void.

Court documents state that Lockwood is seeking $40,000 per month from Presley despite a post-nuptial agreement waiving support as well as $100,000 for attorneys fees. In the notice, Lisa Marie claims that she cannot afford to pay her own lawyer at this time let alone Michael’s. Presley claims that her fortune, which was amassed thanks to her father Elvis’ timeless music, is nearly gone. Lisa Marie also stated that she believes the state of Tennessee is also performing an investigation into Lockwood’s alleged child pornography and child sexual abuse claims.

Lisa Marie’s second husband, Michael Jackson, was also accused of child sexual abuse. [Image by Bebeto Matthews/AP Images]

Ironically, Lisa Marie’s second husband was the king of pop Michael Jackson. Jackson was also the subject of repeated child sex abuse allegations. Presley always denied any knowledge of Jackson sexually abusing children. In an interview with ABC News, Lisa Marie defended Michael and noted that she never felt uncomfortable about leaving her own two children with him. Presley says their relationship began to dwindle when she began to ask questions of Jackson that he didn’t like. Lisa Marie wouldn’t reveal what the questions were, but some speculate it was over Michael’s abuse of medication rather than child sexual abuse allegations.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lisa Marie also noted Michael Jackson’s self-destructive behavior in regard to his drug addiction, comparing him to her father, Elvis Presley. Lisa Marie stated that Jackson, like Elvis, surrounded himself with people that would give into his indulgences rather than those who would question possible self-harming behavior.

“The one thing that correlates with Michael and with my father [Elvis Presley] on this subject is that they had the luxury of creating whatever reality around them they wanted to create,” Presley said of Jackson’s use of medication to help him sleep, according to the Huffington Post.

Presley’s marriage to Jackson only lasted for two years.

In a recent interview, Lisa Marie’s eldest child, actress Riley Keough, reflected on nothing but fond memories from her childhood time spent with Michael Jackson, according to MSN.

“I loved him,” Presley’s daughter said.

According to Lisa Marie, her current marital situation has forced her to move around frequently living with Priscilla Presley, in treatment, with friends, and now currently with her daughter Riley. Presley had checked into rehab for an addiction to prescription medication last fall.

[Featured image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.]

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