Boys24 hwayoung has been kicked out of the group

BOYS24’s Hwayoung Kicked Out Of Group After ‘Bad Breath’ Fan Scandal

BOYS24 just lost a member.

Koreaboo reports that the agencies behind the Kpop boy band have cut Hwayoung out of the group because of offensive statements made in leaked audio that surfaced online last week. His contract has also been canceled, according to an article in All Kpop.

“First of all, we would like to apologize to all of the fans of BOYS24 who were deeply hurt by the comments that Hwayoung made in private. We would like to inform everyone that Hwayoung has been removed from BOYS24 and that his contract will be terminated,” CJ E&M and Liveworks said in a joint statement.

“We are concerned that his controversy may tarnish the image of the entire group of BOYS24 and twist the true feelings of the other members towards the fans who support and cheer them on at every performance in which they do their utter best to perform.”

As Inquisitr previously reported, the leaked audio featured comments where Hwayoung said that he hated when fans called him “oppa” and that Kpop fans have “bad breath.”

“I like being called ‘oppa.’ Not by fans though. That’s f**king sh*tty. It sucks at hi-touch sessions, you know, at those events where we hold our fans’ hands and greet them,” he reportedly said. “We have to greet 700 or 800 people and it makes me want to throw up. Seriously, their breaths smell like crap.”


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This obviously upset a lot of Kpop fans and raised questions as to whether Hwayoung would be dropped from the group. Those questions were answered today with the news that he would no longer be performing with BOYS24.

The news of Hwayoung’s decimated career comes as new information about the infamous audio leak has been revealed. It turns out that that the original poster may have admitted to editing the audio, All Kpop reports.

Apparently, there was an anonymous post on an online forum in which someone claiming to be the uploader confesses to editing the audio.

“Hello, I’m the person who uploaded the audio clip from before. I knew that uploading the clip would become a big issue, but the ‘BOYS24’ program wasn’t that popular and ‘HY’ isn’t that well known, so I didn’t think it would be on real-time searches,” the post reads.

“I was a fan of BOYS24’s HY and I went to their concerts often. I knew my friend was BOYS24’s HY’s ex-girlfriend, but I didn’t know the details. My friend and I were talking about various things, and I saw a lot of things and proof about HY, and I felt angry and betrayed.

“So I edited parts of a recording and uploaded it. I asked the questions and lead the question so the answer would come out badly. I tried multiple times and edited together various files to make it seem like one.

“I didn’t think things would get so big. I’m sorry.”

Now, because of this post, the validity of the audio is being questioned. However, as All Kpop notes, some are claiming that it could be Hwayoung himself or someone affiliated with him who is trying to help him salvage what’s left of his reputation.

Do you think that Hwayoung deserved to be kicked out of BOYS24 because of the comments made on the leaked audio? Or was the decision made too hastily? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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