BTS And GOT7 Plagiarized By Idol Group From Taiwan? A Comparison Of The Songs

BTS and GOT7 fans think that imitation is not the best form of flattery.

Koreaboo reports that fans of the two superstar Kpop groups have claimed that they are being plagirized by a new idol group out of Taiwan.

The Taiwanese group in question is called A-TEAM and they’re a product of a talent competition reality show called Fighting! Legendary Group.

On the show, three groups (A-Team, B-Team and C-Team) are battling it out for a chance to officially debut as a group.

In January, A-Team released a song called “Mr A-Team” and GOT7 fans noticed that the song sounded suspiciously similar to their song “Hard Carry.”


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Listening to both songs, you can tell that there are some similarities.

First of all, the beats are somewhat similar: they’re both pulsating and industrial. They also both feature dominant rap verses by members of the group.

BTS fans have also claimed that “Mr A-Team” is similar to “Fire” which was released by The Bangtang Boys in 2016.

But despite the similarities, it’s hard to argue that “Mr A-Team” plagiarizes either BTS or GOT7

However, Koreaboo notes there are some clues as to why both songs sound so similar.

Daniel Kim, the vocal producer behind the Taiwanese group’s song, has indicated he previously worked with GOT7, per his online bio. He is also credited as “Mr A-Team’s” backing vocal arranger and recording engineer.

GOT7’s “Hard Carry” dropped in late 2016 and was a track on GOT7’s studio album Flight log:Departure. According to Daniel Kim’s bio, he was part of the production of two tracks on the group’s previous album, and one of them was the title track “Home Run.”

According to Koreaboo, the show Fighting! Legendary Group put out a statement via its Facebook page admin where it addressed the plagiarism accusations.

In the statement, there was an acknowledgement that the songs sounded similar.

“Concerning your comments about A Team’s song and how it sounds like Korean groups’ [songs], I thought they sounded a little bit similar as well after listening!” the page admin said on Facebook. “The production team was exclusively selected, and there are Korean musicians as well! After listening to it, I think the style of the two songs are very similar, but there are still differences!”

This isn’t the first time that entertainers from other countries have been accused of plagiarizing work originally done by Kpop idols.

As Korea Portal reports, BIGBANG fans were incensed by the similarities between Taeyang’s, “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and Russian singer Albina’s, “I Love You.”

In this case, however, the similarities are more striking. The vocal arrangement on both songs is practically identical. The songs also sound the same when you get to the chorus.

This is actually the second time that a non-Korean artist has been accused of plagiarizing that song. The first time American singer Derrick Bullock came under fire for releasing a song similar to Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

However, unlike Albina, Bullock later admitted that he plagiarized, according to Korea Portal. He went on to change the credits of the song to include a nod to Taeyang by adding, “Music used in song belongs to Taeyang, a Korean singer and actor.”

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