6 Kpop Idol Groups Making Big Comebacks In March: GOT7, BTOB, G-Friend And More!

Kpop fans are getting more and more hype for February to be over and March to begin. The reason? There are some big idol groups who are either rumored or confirmed to make comebacks next month.

The list includes groups with huge followings like GOT7, BTOB and more. Let’s see if your favorite group is set to make a comeback in March 2017.


As Koreaboo reports, the boys of GOT7 are prepping for takeoff with the upcoming release of the final installment of their Flight series of albums. The new release will be called Flight Log: Arrival.

The news of the comeback has been confirmed in a variety of ways. GOT7 member Bambam recently teased the name of the album on his Instagram. The caption under the post was “Soon.”

Also, as Kpop Starz reports, at a recent GOT7 fan meeting in Seoul a trailer for the upcoming album was released.


The group started the flight series last year with the EP Flight Log: Departure. The tracks, “Fly” and “Home Run” were standout songs on the release.


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Kpop Map reports that BTOB is set to make a comeback in March as well. According to the article, there are some claims that fans can expect a new song from the boy band in either the first or second week of next month. However, Cube Entertainment, the agency behind BTOB, has not yet confirmed a release date or concept for the group’s new music.

But according to the kpop rumor mill, the new song is reportedly going to be a dance song which is a departure from BTOB’s regular offerings. As Kpop Map notes, they have been known for their ballads since their debut.


The lone Kpop girl group on this list, G-Friend is also expected to give their fans new music in March.


The seven-member girl group has been off the Kpop scene for about eight months now. But their hiatus is about to end, All Kpop reports. According to the article on All Kpop, the comeback is set to happen in the second week of March.

G-Friend debuted in 2015 with “Glass Bead” and have since been releasing music for their fans on a regular basis. Many fans expected the group to put out their new songs in January, but there’s speculation that the release may have been delayed because of the girls’ busy schedule.



According to Soompi, iKON fans can look forward to new music from their favorite group in March 2017 as well. The news was confirmed by YG Entertainment executive, Yang Hyun Suk who recently said that the agency is going to be focused on developing both Ikon and WINNER as the successors of BIGBANG, who have been undermined a bit because of TOP’s enlistment in the army.

“This year I will be focusing most on WINNER and iKON. You will be seeing new songs from them before March is over,” he said. “Last year, BLACKPINK made a successful debut, so we will now be devoting our efforts to the two boy groups.”

There’s some additional good news for iKON fans in Japan. The group will be embarking on their first dome tour in Japan later this year, Soompi reports.


With his announcement that Ikon will be releasing new music in March, Yang Hyun Suk inadvertently confirmed that WINNER would be releasing new music as well. So, get excited WINNER fans!



This comeback is more shrouded in mystery than the others.

As Officially Kmusic reports, this Kpop idol group recently released a teaser video from an upcoming release on their Facebook page. The short video features a black and white scene of the boys playing cards in a dimly lit room which is actually a clip from their previous release, Noir.

The scene then disappears to reveal a code, ‘#F0000″ which according to Officially Kmusic translates to “From Noir” Then a date flashes on screen and its March 7, 2017.

Which one of these March 2017 Kpop comebacks are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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