BOYS24’s Hwayoung Said Kpop Fans Have Stinky Breath And They Hit Back With Memes

BOYS24 Hwayoung is in a lot of hot water with Kpop fans. Leaked audio revealed that he had a less than favorable opinion of the fans of the group.

According to Soompi, someone who claims to be Hwayoung’s ex-girlfriend uploaded the audio to the internet. On the recording, you can hear someone saying some pretty offensive things about Kpop fans.

“I like being called ‘oppa.’ Not by fans though. That’s f**king sh*tty. It sucks at hi-touch sessions, you know, at those events where we hold our fans’ hands and greet them,” he reportedly said. “We have to greet 700 or 800 people and it makes me want to throw up. Seriously, their breaths smell like crap.”

While some may have wanted to claim that the voice on the audio file isn’t Hwayoung’s, BOYS24’s agencies have since issued an apology for the views expressed by the Kpop idol on the recording.

Of course, Kpop fans were not happy to hear these offensive comments and many have taken to social media to share their disgust. But many of them are doing so by creating these hilarious memes.


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As Soompi reports, BOYS24’s agencies, CJ E&M and Liveworks Company, released an interesting joint statement on the group’s Facebook fan page in response to the Hwayoung scandal.

The statement started by apologizing to fans of the idol group.

“First, we sincerely apologize to everyone who was shocked and dismayed because of the news from the Internet last night,” the statement read. “Especially, we really do apologize to the fans who have loved and supported ‘BOYS24’ and its concert at ‘BOYS24 Hall’ since the premiered last year.”

But then the tone of the apology takes a turn and basically throws Hwayoung under the bus.

“All the while, we recognized the problem of Hwayoung and his privacy issue and we worried that this would heavily tarnish the image of BOYS24. So, we have repeatedly warned him and have tried to give him a chance to redeem himself.

“But despite it all, Hwayoung, as written on the various social media outlets and Internet message board today, brought fans to grief and made them disappointed again.

The joint statement from CJ E&M and Liveworks Company also implied that there’s going to be some additional punishment in store for Hwayoung.

“Therefore, we understood the gravity of the situation and held an emergency meeting. And discussions about him and his issue are in progress.

“We will state our official position on the issue next week, and I beg to inform you that Hwayoung will not appear on ‘BOYS24 LIVE Concert’ from Friday, February 10th.”

As Koreaboo notes, BOYS24 was created to be the male version of I.O.I and was formed via CJ E&M’s reality show, Produce 101. The group is divided into units and Hwayoung is in the Sky Unit. Hwayoung actually started his Kpop idol journey as a trainee with SM Entertainment but left the company a short time after he joined.

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