WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Officially Released By WWE

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Officially Released By WWE

For the last two months, WWE rumors have persisted that Alberto Del Rio would leave the company, as he had an out in his contract that would allow him to leave if not satisfied with the direction of his push. That time has come, and the WWE reported that they have released Del Rio from his contract.

It also appears to be a mutual agreement as the WWE released a statement that read that “WWE and Jose Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio) have mutually agreed upon the terms of his release as of today, September 9, 2016.”

Alberto Del Rio also took to Twitter to announce that the split was amicable, at least on the surface. Alberto made the comment that the released was on good terms and then thanked the WWE for the opportunities they afforded him.

The Alberto Del Rio WWE release was hinted at yesterday when the Inquisitr reported that Del Rio was planning to hold a press conference today to discuss his future. Alberto also said that he planned to discuss is wellness violation, but with the mutual release, there is a chance that Del Rio won’t be allowed to just cut loose on the WWE.

The problems between Alberto Del Rio and the WWE stem from broken promises that Vince McMahon apparently made to Del Rio when he returned to the company. The WWE rumors indicate that Alberto was promised that he would be a Paul Heyman guy when he came back and McMahon wanted to push Del Rio hard.

However, Alberto Del Rio and Triple H never got along behind the scenes, and it was allegedly Triple H that convinced McMahon not to push Del Rio. Also, it should be noted that Paul Heyman apparently rejected the idea of working with Alberto. Because of this, Del Rio returned with Zeb Colter as a manager, which made little sense.

After that, Alberto Del Rio drifted through various feuds before ending up in the League of Nations, which the Inquisitr previously reported was put together to just put over Roman Reigns. It was clear by this time that Triple H had convinced Vince McMahon to give up on Del Rio.

It also didn’t help that WWE rumors indicate that the WWE tried to force Paige to break up with Alberto Del Rio or risk losing her position in the company. While this has never been proven, Paige has reportedly been in contact with an attorney about getting out of her WWE contract, and rumors are that Paige has quit and is trying to get released from her contract now.

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It will be interesting to see what Alberto Del Rio says at his press conference today. Del Rio said that he will discuss his wellness violation, which means he might reveal what he failed the test for. Alberto also said that he will discuss his future.

When Alberto Del Rio left the WWE last time, he was fired for a dispute with a WWE employee that was allegedly racist in nature. This time, it appears that the release was more friendly, although Del Rio has to feel some resentment for the alleged broken promises.

Last time, Alberto Del Rio went to AAA under the ring name El Patron Alberto and quickly won their AAA Mega Championship. He also wrestled in the World Wrestling Council, Ring of Honor, and finally in Lucha Underground. The rumors are now that Alberto Del Rio will be heading to Lucha Libre Elite in Mexico.

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