WWE News: Hulk Hogan Calls Kevin Owens The Future Of The WWE

When it comes to Hulk Hogan, he is one of the most popular and polarizing figures to ever wrestle in WWE history. Also, despite his reputation, he also has a pretty good idea for which wrestlers will sell tickets and get over with the fans, even if he was never the best when it came to putting those wrestlers over. ESPN spoke with Hulk Hogan about the new Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Hogan said that Kevin Owens is the future of the WWE.

Kevin Owens surprised a lot of people when he won the WWE Universal Championship in a match that also featured former world champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. While no one expected that Big Cass would walk out of the match as the champion, Kevin Owens was also a huge underdog.

Since winning the WWE Universal Championship, Kevin Owens has heard from a lot of the people who know that he deserves this based on his years on the independent scene and his hard work when it comes to creating a perfect heel character. There are also some WWE fans, most of them marks, who don’t think he deserves it because of the storylines. Count Hulk Hogan as one of the people on Owens’ side in this argument.

‘This kid Kevin Owens, no matter how he looks physically and no matter what you think about him, when he walks out, he’s over in such a weird way.”

Hulk Hogan is right on when it comes to the popularity of Kevin Owens as a bad guy heel. However, it is hard for Owens to keep the fans hating him. Everyone was chanting “you deserve it” and Kevin had to turn on the fans to try to shut them up, something which strangely makes fans love him even more. That does not surprise Hogan, who said that Kevin Owens can get a run as a heel that will one day make him the biggest babyface on the roster.

“I look to see a guy with a lot of hope who could break through this cookie-cutter menu that people have now to choose from and break through and change the game again. A guy like Kevin Owens shows me that hope spot that no matter how much TV you have to shoot, no matter how many towns you have to make — here is one guy that will put it back on track and make it easier for everybody to figure it out.”

According to Hogan, the best thing about Kevin Owens is that he is one of the smartest wrestlers in the WWE right now because he understands heat. Hogan said that Owens knows exactly the right time for a babyface to get a comeback and he controls the match, keeping the babyface down until just the right time.

Hogan said that, when Kevin knows the time is right, he is as masterful as a Pat Patterson or Hollywood Hogan when it comes to back peddling. He makes babyfaces more sympathetic. That makes Kevin Owens someone who could be a perfect champion as babyfaces chase the title.

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Kevin Owens got off to a nice start as the new WWE Universal Champion with a win over his long-time rival Sami Zayn. This is important because Owens lost his feud with Zayn and this gives him a slight win back as he settles into his championship reign.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, it looks like Roman Reigns is getting back into the main event scene at Clash of Champions, but Kevin Owens needs to win the possible three-way between himself, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns to keep the push that has worked so well. If Kevin Owens can maintain his momentum, he could become the best heel the WWE has seen in years.

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