WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Schedules Press Conference Concerning Future

Alberto Del Rio is leaving the WWE. The wrestling world has known this for a couple of months now and his recent wellness suspension ensured that he was finished on television as well. It looks like the WWE rumors of Alberto Del Rio leaving were true as Super Luchas reported that Alberto Del Rio has announced that he will hold a press conference on Friday to announce his status with the WWE.

According to the website, the WWE has announced its agreement to release Alberto Del Rio, and his press conference might align with that announcement. It is funny and aligns well with his character as well because instead of just tweeting that he is released, Alberto Del Rio is holding a major press conference.

This is also no surprise because the Alberto Del Rio press conference is supposed to be with several members of the Mexican press and Del Rio is also supposed to talk about his wellness policy violation as well as his future plans. Alberto Del Rio and his girlfriend, WWE women’s wrestler Paige, were both suspended last month for failing the company drug tests, the suspensions announced on Paige’s birthday.

Both Alberto Del Rio and Paige were quiet about their wellness suspensions, but things were simmering behind the scenes. Alberto had an out in his contract coming up and the suspension basically proved that he would take the out. This also comes on WWE rumors that indicated that the WWE lied to Del Rio upon his return.

Alberto Del Rio was a star on Lucha Underground when the WWE hired him to return to the company. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Vince McMahon had promised that Del Rio would be a “Paul Heyman guy,” but when Heyman refused it, the WWE put him with Zeb Colter, which made no sense.

After that, Alberto Del Rio was put into the League of Nations with Sheamus, Rusev, and Wade Barrett. When Barrett left the company earlier this year, the Inquisitr reported that Wade did an interview where he explained that the entire purpose of the League of Nations was to put over Roman Reigns, which shows how little the WWE felt about Alberto Del Rio.

Things got even more heated after Alberto Del Rio and Paige started dating. During the WWE Draft and brand split, while the WWE kept Miz and Maryse, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young, and almost all the other romantically linked superstar couples together, they split up Alberto Del Rio and Paige.

After the split, the Inquisitr reported that the WWE had threatened to release Paige if she didn’t break off her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. That has led to the new WWE rumors that Paige has been in touch with an attorney about forcing her way out of her WWE contract based on the alleged threats by Mark Carrano suggesting they break things off.

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Interestingly, this is similar to the last time that Alberto Del Rio left the WWE. In 2014, Del Rio had a backstage altercation with a WWE employee named Cody Barbierri, the WWE social media manager who allegedly told Alberto to wash dishes since he was a Mexican. Alberto slapped Barbierri and was fired by the WWE for his actions.

This recent departure has more bad allegations against the WWE, especially if the WWE rumors of Mark Carrano, a senior director for the WWE, are true. If he did try to force Del Rio and Paige to split up with the threat of termination, this is something that Alberto Del Rio will likely reveal because he doesn’t seem to care what dirty secrets he reveals. More will come to pass tomorrow during the Alberto Del Rio press conference.

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