Dolly Parton Shares Her Past Struggles And Comes To The Defense Of Miley Cyrus’ Behavior, ‘She Knows What She’s Doing’

Miley Cyrus’ behavior has been picked apart and twisted around by gossip magazines, celebrity news sites, and just about every media outlet across the world. Many of her reported antics have been verified to be nothing more than rumor and speculation, yet the torment on her character and actions continues. In a surprising turn of events, Miley’s godmother, Dolly Parton, has come to her defense, stating that “she knows what she is doing,” in reference to the way Miley presents herself to the public eye.

From early on in her career, Dolly Parton was the victim of media attacks similar to what Miley Cyrus is receiving. In an interview with Woman’s Day, Dolly stated that her life started with 11 brothers and sisters, no electricity in their home, and ridicule by her own relatives. Her grandfather referred to her as a jezebel, others made fun of her sensitivity — referring to her as a freak. However, Dolly refused to give in to their demeaning tones and stayed true to herself.

“They say your first impression of someone is always right, but I’ve found that that’s not true. You just don’t know. It can be as simple as how a person dresses. You make a judgment about that person, but if you spend a little time, you find that they’re different from what you thought, and you forget how they look.”

Knowing what it is like to be the victim of ridicule and unfair judgement, Dolly Parton shared her thoughts on her godchild, Miley Cyrus. She feels that Miley is simply trying to shed the legacy of Hannah Montana and have some fun while doing it, rather than remain typecast as a naive young superstar, reported E! Online.

“She knows what she’s doing. She was very proud of the work she did as Hannah Montana, but people were gonna leave her there forever. And she was just smotherin’ and chokin’ in it. So she felt she had to do something completely drastic. And she did.”

However, Dolly Parton also feels that Miley has moved beyond her child star persona and will hopefully move on to focusing on her talent, rather than all the fun she is having.

“She made her point, she made her mark, and more power to her. So I’m hoping that now she can relax and show people how talented she really is. ‘Cause the girl can write. The girl can sing. The girl is smart. And she doesn’t have to be so drastic. But I will respect her choices. I did it my way, so why can’t she do it her way?”

[Photo Courtesy: EOnline]