Miley Cyrus: Truth About Her Impact On Patrick Schwarzenegger’s $49 Million Trust Fund

Miley Cyrus’s relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger has been embraced by his father Arnold and rejected by his mother Maria. Rumors surrounding Patrick’s upcoming receipt of his $49 million trust fund when he turns 25 have reported that Maria Shriver is refusing to give him his money unless he stops dating Miley. One would believe that the potential of losing such a large sum of money would weaken the relationship between Miley and Patrick and coerce him to rethink his priorities. However, the bond between the couple seems to be stronger than ever.

Although the reports of the $49 million trust fund have been widely reported, so have previous rumors of Miley and Patrick splitting up. Some are left wondering if the two reports are interconnected and if we are nearing the end of “Milrick” and Miley’s opportunity to be inducted into the Kennedy family via marriage.

Hollywood Life recently quoted a previous Inquisitr article that reported on Patrick’s trust fund and the possibility of losing it. The article quoted a close family friend who stated, “Maria and Arnold ‘are both convinced [Miley] is a negative influence on their son and are determined to end the relationship.'” Patrick Schwarzenegger has a few years to think things over before his 25th birthday comes around, so some are wondering if he is taking his time with a critical decision or feels that Miley is just a flavor of the month and will not be around when he is scheduled to receive the money.

Despite the wonders surrounding the money and the relationship, Gossip Cop dug deep and found out the truth about the $49 million trust fund and its connection to the relationship. It turns out, the rumors are simply untrue.

Although the rumored feud between Miley and Maria seems to make the rumor of the trust fund seem believable, Maria Shriver and Anrold Schwarzenegger love their son despite his love interest and would not withhold his trust fund from him. Gossip Cop reached out to a representative for Arnold Schwarzenegger and received a rather to the point response stating the rumor is “totally false.”

Further research showed that the rumors surrounding the $49 million trust fund were reported in dozens of variations, leading to the eruption of articles claiming that Miley was the cause of Patrick’s trust fund being taken away. Maria Shriver may not approve of Miley, a rumor that still spreads like wildfire, but Patrick is a big boy who is able to choose whom he dates and how he lives his life. Miley may be a bad influence on him, he may be enabling Miley or their bond may straighten both out in the end. Only time will tell.

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