Will Patrick Schwarzenegger Really Give Up $49 Million To Keep Dating Miley Cyrus?

If someone offered you $49 million to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, would you? That question has been reportedly posed to Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Despite recent reports that Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger were “coming around” when it comes to son Patrick Schwarzenegger’s relationship with Miley Cyrus, it seems that those reports were premature.

A family friend has come out as saying that Patrick’s parents have given him an ultimatum: Dump Miley or lose $49 million. The money is in a trust set up for the 21-year-old actor, available to him when he turns 25. However, for another few years, Maria and Arnold can yank the money out of the young man’s life if they don’t like the way he’s living it.

The source, identified only as a family friend, explained, “They [Maria and Arnold] are both convinced she is a negative influence on their son and are determined to end the relationship.”

The plan to get Patrick to show Miley the door, however, hasn’t seemed to work. According to AZ Central, another source who is close to Patrick says that he “would rather be with Miley than have the money.”

Patrick recently brought Cyrus with him to visit his relatives in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, over the holidays. Though everyone put on a pleasant face for the “Wrecking Ball” singer, sources say that the family was more than “exasperated” with her appearance.

A friend of Arnold and Maria said that Patrick’s mom is the one having a particularly hard time with Miley.

“Maria especially is hoping the shock tactic of threatening to cut him off financially will scare him into giving Miley the elbow. He [Patrick] and his mom had a huge argument during which he told her she and Arnie could stick their cash ‘where the sun don’t shine.’ He said he’d rather be with Miley than have the money. It’s upsetting for Maria and Arnie because they fear Miley will lead him astray, then break his heart.”

$49 million is an awful lot of money, though it doesn’t hold a candle to the collective worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, (estimated to be about $400 million — a figure that surely will surely bump up with every new Terminator film). Then again, if it really is true love between Patrick and Miley, maybe they can live off her meager income (the former Hannah Montana star is believed to be worth over $165 million as of last year).

So what do you think? Should Patrick Schwarzenegger give up Miley for his $49 million payday — or does true love really transcend even a king’s ransom?

[Image via OneNewsPage]