The Schwarzeneggers Are Now All Miley Cyrus Fans

Miley Cyrus has met, and apparently charmed, her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s parents.

The New York Daily News put it best when they said that “Miley will be back…to hang with the Schwarzeneggers.”

Just this past Monday, Miley met the former governor of California while on a ski trip in Idaho. While Patrick is known for often going on vacations with all of his friends from USC, bringing Miley this time “added a little spice to the usual vacation,” according to US Weekly.

Cyrus was said to meet up with Patrick’s father, Arnold, at The Kneadery in Ketchum, Idaho where she was introduced to the one and only Terminator. While known for her outrageous style and often lack of clothes, Miley toned it down for the meeting. I don’t think Miley had anything to worry about, though, with a source claiming that Arnold was “thrilled that Patrick introduced him to Miley.” US Weekly also says that Arnold was “happy” for Patrick after meeting the often controversial Cyrus. It looks like that meeting was a success.

But what about Patrick’s mother, Maria Shriver? Has she met Miley yet? Despite many reports that Shriver is completely against the relationship fearing that the at-times outrageous Miley will be a bad influence, that’s not true according to Mercury News. Shriver was reported as saying that Miley is a “very nice girl.” Also as reported in People, Shriver has added that if her son is happy, “she’s happy.” It’s not completely clear when they met, but at least Miley got a seal of approval from the conservative member of the Kennedy clan.

Even Patrick’s brother, Christopher, said that Miley is “a lot of fun” after meeting her at the Art Basel event in Miami. Well there’s another fan for Miley.

Miley and Patrick confirmed their relationship just a couple months ago in November but were apparently together for several months prior to that. It appears, though, that the relationship is serious enough for Patrick to introduce Miley to his parents.

Miley appears very happy with Patrick, too, saying that he was the “best bf eva” on Instagram and posting a photo of herself in a pizza onesie, an apparent Christmas present from her man.

In a statement in 2011, Patrick admitted that his eye was “set on Miley.” Well it appears he’s gotten his wish.

Patrick and Miley rang in the New Year together.

Now that she’s received the family’s seal of approval, one can only guess what the next step will be for Miley Cyrus and her model boyfriend.

[Photo Courtesy of Page Six]

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