Trump Dubbed a ‘Traitor’ on Social Media After He Shared Classified Nuclear Info With Mar-A-Lago Member

Trump Dubbed a ‘Traitor’ on Social Media After He Shared Classified Nuclear Info With Mar-A-Lago Member
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Donald Trump is facing massive backlash after news that he shared classified information with a Mar-a-Lago member became public.

The highly sensitive material in question relates to American nuclear-powered submarines and their weaponry. Trump is charged with disclosing it to an Australian billionaire who subscribes to the former president's Mar-a-Lago social club, per Independent.

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Image Source: Getty Images |  Scott Olson
Image Source: Getty Images | Scott Olson


The US nuclear-powered submarines are usually regarded as one of the US Navy's most closely guarded secrets. Trump, who was charged in June on multiple counts of unlawful retention of national defense information, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice for allegedly keeping highly classified documents at his Palm Beach property, is accused of sharing this information with an Australian billionaire named Anthony Pratt.

Pratt is then said to have given the same material to “scores” of unapproved recipients, including journalists of unidentified nationality and “more than a dozen foreign officials.” 


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It appears that many are having trouble believing the former president, despite his furious denial in a lengthy post on Truth Social, that he had revealed such sensitive information to anyone not authorized to know. While acknowledging that he “often” boasts about how the US manufactures “the best Submarines and Military Equipment anywhere in the World,” Trump referred to the negative news about him as “false and ridiculous” Furthermore, he asserted untruthfully that the narrative was “put out by corrupt prosecutors” to “interfere” in the next presidential election.


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Social media users, however, seem to have made up their minds. The hashtags #TrumpIsATraitor and #TopSecret trended on X, formerly known as Twitter, as critics of the problematic former president took to the site with their reactions to the explosive charges, OK! Magazine reported. "#TrumpIsATraitor, not even a question any longer," one user wrote, while another added on X, "He’s a traitor & a disgrace. He needs to be locked away for good."

"We can just assume at this point that any top secret information on our military capabilities or foreign policy that Trump saw is no longer secret," analyst and Editor-in-Chief of Meidas Touch Network posted. "Except for the stuff he didn’t understand or couldn’t remember. Which is probably 99% of it so we’re mostly ok I think."



"Surprise Surprise.. #DopeyDon aka #Trump is nothing more than a Pathological Liar and Narcissist," a separate user tweeted, and another wrote on X, "How sick and tired are we of hearing how criminal he is? Very. Not surprised he shared the top secret docs with outsiders."

Trump was recently also accused of sharing confidential information that he received from Israel with Russia, which is an ally of Iran, a country that supports Hamas. Many outlets reported that it is possible Trump's sharing of intel could have resulted in the attack.

A user tweeted in this context, "His big mouth will get innocent people killed. He has too much secret info that he will use to his advantage. I hope the military is changing as much as possible Trump may know. Stupidity & arrogance are a deadly combination. Trump is a #Traitor."


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