Tammy Slaton Shows Off New Wardrobe After 300-Lb Weight Loss and Divorce from Husband Caleb

Tammy Slaton Shows Off New Wardrobe After 300-Lb Weight Loss and Divorce from Husband Caleb
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Tammy Slaton, star of the hit reality show "1000-Lb. Sisters," has shared a glimpse of her new wardrobe in a series of TikTok videos from her niece's clothing boutique, Dace & Company. Slaton made headlines for her impressive weight loss, leaving fans stunned by her transformation, as well as the recent split from her husband, Caleb. As Tammy continues to embrace her new chapter, her fans are excited to see what's next for the reality star.

In the TikTok video, Tammy is seen browsing racks of clothing at her niece's boutique. She is seen wearing a brown sweater and eyeglasses with a breathing tube in her nose, which she often uses since leaving rehab earlier this year. She checks out a pile of summer attire at the register and seems pleased with her selections.

Image Source: Tiktok | Tammy Slaton
Image Source: Tiktok | @tammyslaton2020


In a separate video, Tammy gave a shoutout to her niece and her store and seemed genuinely excited about the clothing options available. Fans took to the comments to express their admiration and support for Tammy's journey.

"Tammy you are getting so tiny!!! You look amazing!!!" wrote one fan. Another commented, "It's good to see you up and walking. You are doing so good girl!!!" A third fan wrote, "Eeek I wanna cry you're doing so well!"



Tammy has been on a weight loss journey for several years now, having once weighed over 700 pounds. She spent 14 months in rehab in Ohio, where she committed to abstaining from alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy foods. As a result, she lost an incredible 300 pounds.

However, her progress has not been without setbacks. In recent weeks, reports have surfaced that Tammy has reverted to her old habits, including smoking and eating fast food regularly. Sources claim that her recent split from Caleb may have contributed to this. Despite these challenges, Tammy seems determined to continue her weight loss journey and improve her overall health.


Despite the challenges that Tammy has faced, she seems to be making progress and embracing her new lifestyle. Her recent split from Caleb may have been difficult, but it seems that Tammy is determined to focus on her health and well-being.

An insider previously told The U.S. Sun that Tammy and Caleb are officially separated, and she is in the process of filing for divorce. The source claimed that Caleb had not been following his diet in rehab and had gained 30 pounds, which led to a big fight between the couple. "They got into a big fight over it, and he told her he wanted a divorce, but then he tried to backtrack," the insider claimed. "Tammy's sisters Amy and Amanda were already encouraging her to just move on."

According to a family insider, it was believed that Tammy made the right decision by ending her relationship with Caleb.

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