$200k Stallones' Cosmetic Work: A Sharp Contrast to Kardashians' Excessive Consumption, Surgeon Reveals

$200k Stallones' Cosmetic Work: A Sharp Contrast to Kardashians' Excessive Consumption, Surgeon Reveals
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In the realm of Hollywood glamour, cosmetic enhancements have become commonplace, with stars often investing significant amounts to refine their appearances. Among the famous families in the entertainment industry, the Kardashians have garnered attention for their seemingly endless transformations, using plastic surgery to reinvent their looks.

However, a plastic surgeon now reveals that the Stallones, another well-known family in Hollywood, have taken a different approach, spending considerably less than their reality TV rivals. With an estimated $200,000 spent collectively, the Stallones' cosmetic journey pales in comparison to the Kardashian clan's breakfast-like consumption of surgical enhancements.

While the Kardashians are renowned for their willingness to go under the knife and embrace various procedures, little is known about the Stallones' cosmetic endeavors. In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich suggests that if the Stallones' reality series, The Family Stallone gains popularity, their behavior might mirror that of the Kardashians in terms of plastic surgery. However, he believes the Stallones are currently in the early stages of their cosmetic journey and have spent far less than their TV counterparts.


According to Dr. Westreich, the Stallones' cosmetic procedures thus far include two breast augmentations, one rhinoplasty, an eyelid lift, an eyebrow lift, and Sylvester Stallone's well-known facelift from the past. However, the surgeon emphasizes that the family members have not gone overboard with their cosmetic work, as they all look fantastic naturally. Unlike the Kardashians, who constantly change their appearances and reinvent themselves, the Stallones seem content with subtle enhancements to maintain their youthful allure.



Sylvester Stallone, the patriarch of the Stallone family, has long been subject to speculation regarding his cosmetic enhancements. The Rocky alum had admitted to undergoing a facelift in the past to correct facial nerve damage from his childhood, and ever since, Stallone's transformation has been a topic of discussion.

Dr. Westreich suggests that Stallone has likely undergone additional procedures, such as upper eyelid lifts, Botox, fillers, and possibly hair transplants. These treatments, along with his facelift, might have cost Stallone approximately $100,000, while regular maintenance procedures like Botox and fillers may amount to around $2,000 annually.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris


Sylvester Stallone's wife, Jennifer Flavin, a former model, has also been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Dr. Westreich suggests that Flavin has likely undergone a brow lift, with a possible excess of filler in her cheeks and lips. While she has not had extensive work done, Flavin regularly receives Botox and fillers to maintain her appearance. The estimated cost for her brow lift would be around $30,000, while her annual expenses for Botox and fillers amount to roughly $2,000.



The Stallone daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet Stallone, have also ventured into the Hollywood scene and have dabbled in modeling and acting. Given their age, it is not surprising that they have undergone some cosmetic procedures. Dr. Westreich highlights that breast augmentation is common for young women, and both Sistine and Sophia have likely undergone this procedure. Additionally, lip fillers have become increasingly popular, and Scarlet and Sistine are believed to have had these enhancements. Sophia may have also had a nose job, as her lips appear naturally full.



While the Stallones have invested in their appearances, the surgeon underscores that their consumption of cosmetic work is significantly different from the Kardashian family. Dr. Westreich suggests that within the Kardashian family, it was Kim Kardashian who initially led the way in terms of plastic surgery. Although it's not a matter of necessity, the Kardashian sisters decided to focus on beauty branding, which prompted them to undergo various cosmetic procedures. However, Dr. Westreich asserts that replicating the sheer amount of plastic surgery the Kardashians have undergone may not be feasible for anyone else in the industry, including the Stallones.

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