'Sister Wives' Star Janelle Brown Documents Her 'RV Life' for the Summer After Split From Kody

'Sister Wives' Star Janelle Brown Documents Her 'RV Life' for the Summer After Split From Kody
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Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown is all set for summer. The reality star has been documenting the challenges of an adventurous journey as she prepares for a summer season of RV life after confirming her breakup with Kody Brown late last year. The TLC star posted a clip on Instagram showcasing her preparing her camper, along with her son Gabe, 22, on Wednesday, May 3, reports Daily Mail



"I came up to hook up my trailer," Brown revealed, adding that she and her son were in the process of "learning a lot about power adapters [and] connecting your trailer to the power." Brown mentioned that she is still a novice on the topic but is determined to take up the new challenge. She added, "All of you RVers out there are going to be laughing your head off at me. But you know what, this is what's about figuring it out and not getting defeated and just getting it done - you have to just be brave and do this."

The reality star also discussed the importance of being "willing to explore new areas in life with an open mind." In the video, she can be seen wearing a gray hunter hat with a chinstrap and a dark V-neck camouflage shirt in shades of gray and navy blue. 



She captioned the post, "Everyone has to start at the beginning! With the basics. When I was in the RV last time we were boon-docking so everything, even hooking up this trailer to 'hook-ups' is new. I have a sneaky perfectionist inside me that is always yelling at me 'If you don’t look like you know what you are doing, either don’t do it or fake it.' Do you hear yourself telling stories like that in your head?"

But Brown reminds herself and her followers that there is value in learning new things and that everyone starts as a novice. "I have to square my shoulders and tell myself you have to start somewhere," she continued. "And everyone had to learn and go through this process. It’s ok to be vulnerable, coachable, teachable, and curious. Some day I’ll have this down and can be 'the expert' I know many of you who already have learned the lessons, are probably getting a good chuckle. That’s ok!"



Her one million followers instantly posted supportive comments under the post. One fan commented, "Of all four women in your marriage, I always felt you were the strongest and most independent. And yep, you are. I love that you are living your best life and being true to yourself." Another fan said, "Fellow RVers have all been [through] this ... you got this girl!"

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Ethan Miller
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Ethan Miller

According to The List, Janelle Brown confirmed her split from Kody Brown in a January 2023 episode. She had further revealed that they have been separated for months but that she had considered separating much sooner, reports The U.S. Sun. The couple parted ways nearly 30 years after they entered a polygamous marriage. They are parents to adult children, Logan, 28, Madison, 27, Hunter, 25, Garrison, 25, Gabe, and Savanah, 18. Despite the separation, Brown is happy about her decision to leave her now ex-husband. "I'm happy – really happy," she shared in a one-on-one interview with TLC

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